The sims 2 cd install

I have made an iso image of all 4 of the cds using alcohol 120% dont ask me why i used iso but i have and it worked fine, anyway i have copied the contents on the image of cd 1 to a folder and i have done the same with the rest of the cds but all in seperate folders, when i install the game from the files from the folder of cd1 it does about 25% and askes me in insert cd 2 how can i stop it from doing this.
i have done it with splintercell pandora tomorrow so how can i do it with the sims 2


CD1 will be ‘hard coded’ to prompt for cd2 - cd3 etc. unlike the other games you’ve succesfully done this way.

so how do i get rid of it coming up or a way of getting round it

Some games you can do this with and some you can’t. pip22 mentions that it is “hard encoded” to ask for the next CD when it has finished copying the previous one. As mentioned, this might be one of the games where you have to use CD’s instead of placing all of the files on your hard drive and letting them install from there.