The simpsons season 3 getting Not formatted to play in this region

I have not been able to burn any of the Simpsons season 3 disk. They start to play with the warnings then it comes up with not formatted to play in this region. What is strange some of the sessions will play.I am using dvddecripter 3.52 and dvd shrink 3.2. I notice there is some information on doom but it involves using ifoedit which I have never used. I also noticed that there wasa similar problem with the season 5 diskson this forum by changing a setting in anydvd. I also use any dvd but I dont thik that would help as dvddecripter would normally take care of an encripted disk.
If any one has some input i would really appreciate it.

It is exactly the same problem. We will release AnyDVD 4.6 soon, which will fix it. If you use AnyDVD, you don’t need to use DVD Decrypter.

Thks james. I did try it before you replied and it worked. There are a couple of posts on this site about the simpsons season 3 but no resolution except for your post on season 5.
Can you explain exactly what is happening in the copying process? Rce region code scripts checked in anydvd is supposed to allow copying when coded. Why does it allow copying if the disk is coded when it is unchecked.
2nd Question
Most of the software claims to do a one to one copy. If that the case why does the original work and the copy dosn’t.?
Your answers would be greatly appreciated.