The Simpsons Hit & Run PC Backup Help

Anyone have any luck backing up The Simpsons Hit & Run yet? I ran a ClonyXXL scan on it, and it says the protection is SecuROM new Are any of the latest versions of any popular backup software (such as Alcohol 120% or BlindWrite) able to make reliable working copies of this copy protection, or should I just use the BlindWrite 4.2.5/twinpeak/CloneCD method?

You should be able to backup SecuRom 4.85+ using the same techniques as for SecuRom 4.84+
If you have a Plextor Premium (1.03+ firmware) writer then I would suggest either BlindWrite 4.5.7 or BlindWrite5.
Or if no Plex Premium writer then either the above or CloneCD/Twinpeak or Alcohol120%/Twinpeak
See the CD Backup Guides and Tutorials sub forum for guides/tutorials on using the above.