The simms 2 open for business-expansion pack



anyone with any ideas on what to do to get around the encrytion on this disc


Probably not in this forum. I’d have to recommend asking a mod to move your question to one of the copy protection forums and out of the living room…


ok thanks new to frewaks so wasnt sure where to go,whats the best forum i need then


check the forum titles and descriptions…

my best guess: CD & DVD Copy Protection


Dont worry, this thread will be moved, and you dont have to create a new one. The only way to get around this is by creating a disk image using a program like 5stargamecopy, gamejackel, or alcohol 120%



the first thing they have to do is identify the type of protection on the disc to determine what program is capable of making a copy…


not sure whether i am allowed to write this question
am trying to find out more about the encryption or what ever it is non the above title


I have the sims 2 open for business. It is encrypted with safedisk 4.6. The only program i have read is able to back it up is creating an image with 5stargamecopy, which stops access to the cd drive.


That depends on what you’re trying to do. If you’ve bought the game and want to make a back-up copy, we’re happy to help. However, if you want help to get a warez download, then go elsewhere as you’ll get no help on this forum. :wink:


hi how do i find out the protection on this disc as you can im a neewbie


Scan with A-Ray scanner.