The SHW-1635S thread

Now that LiteOn has finally posted the specs for the new SHW-1635S, I thought that it’s time to start a new thread for this drive…

An older thread about this drive: [thread]140270[/thread]

What we know about this drive:

  • We believe that this drive will have a new chassis, much like the SOHC-5236K. Quieter, no more headphone jack and volume control, and a slower, but sturdier tray. Should be the same short length as before.
  • The major change is the addition of 8x +R9. I won’t be surprised, however, if they try to do what they did with the 3S drives and incrementally add more features (DVD-RAM?) in successive 5S drive models.
  • This drive is using a new chipset, so don’t even think about 3S->5S conversions.
  • When I first saw “SHW” a while ago, I thought that it must surely be a typo. But now the LiteOn website has confirmed that the name really is “SHW”. Weird.
  • As for write quality, it’s unknown at the moment, and it’s hard to predict, since they’re moving on to a new chipset. It might be the same as before. It might be worse than before. It might be better than before. I would imagine that, like the 3S drives, the earlier revisions of the 5S will probably not perform as well as the later revisions. But as for 5S vs. 3S comparisons, it’s impossible to say.

DVD-RAM is welcome :slight_smile:

Again Mediatek-chipsets? A long time ago i read that Liteon would change the manufacturer for the chipsets.

Is it avaible somewhere? In Germany it´s not.

We are not sure what the chipset being used is. We believe that it is another MediaTek chipset, the same as the new Mtk chipset used in the very latest Samsung burners.

It was rumored a while ago that LiteOn may switch to using an Ali chipset. Some time after that rumor, it was rumored that MediaTek acquired Ali. I have no confirmations on either rumor. IIRC, Ali chipsets use the same 8051 instruction set as MediaTek (analogous to how AMD uses the same x86 instruction set as Intel), so I would imagine that if LiteOn did move on to an Ali chipset, they would be able to quickly adapt their Mtk firmwares, and I would also imagine that if MediaTek acquired Ali, their technologies would be able to mix relatively well. Once again, all these are rumors for which we have no confirmations, and moreover, these rumors are about a year old, so take all this with a grain of salt.

it was a Long Time since they update to the new Chipset :iagree:

hope the Write Quality be better than 3s :smiley:

Very looking forward to the new drive :bow:

we have to wait a review or scans to know the diferences.