THE Sheep Test

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a program that you could d/l that, when executed, would create all of the relevant files and tell you when to put in discs etc and would say at the end " well congratulations, your drive has x.x sheep!"

Not a program, but…
Sheep Test Guide.

Unfortunately I cannot vouch for the accuracy of this test. It did not work too well for me.
My Lite-On LTR-52246S could only pass the 1-sheep test. The drive is a known 2-sheep drive.

Sheep test? oh, that is soooooo last century. :bigsmile:

What have I missed during my 100 year sleep?

Is there something better to benchmark back up capability for different levels of disc protection?

I havnt been backing up games for about two years now but as I recall the newer game backup software quit relying on “sheep burner capabilities” quite some time ago or did they suddenly revert back to it now?

in general, the number of sheeps you burner has, is only important for making backups of Safedisc protected software on CD.
if your burner can handle the protection because of its sheeps :wink: it’s good - otherwise the new versions of copying software offers the possibility of adding some emulation for the backups to work.
as more and more games are released on DVD, sheeps are no more important :wink: . also games with other protections (e.g. securom) need no sheeps…

The sheep test is out of date now with the newer protections …
Now most 2 sheep drives fail to backup the latest safedisc protected games including most of the the liteons…