The Shallows Review


Next try with The Shallows UHD. AACS copy protection was successfully removed! :yum: I will start ripping to Hard Disk.


Thankd for all the reports @hanneslan83, they are very helpful. At first the question was, does DeUHD work? Now the question is, how good does it work, so your reports are much appreciated! I can imagine that if someone was thinking about buying the software, it also helps to see how well it performs, €200 is a lot of money.


Ripping was completed successfully. BDMV, CERTIFICATE and UHD! folder are on my Hard Disk. DeUHD Tool is very easy to use and works like a dream. :heart_eyes: Hopefully more supported UHDs will come in near future!


The program is very interesting :slight_smile: thanks to your reviews @ hanneslan83. Will soon get me a license.