The Settlers IV

I cannot make a working copy of the Settlers IV. The reader is a Toshiba SD-M1502. The burner is an Acer 1208A firmware 9.BC. Latest CloneCD. CloneCD settings as per PCCopy 2.02.

Any idea/advice? Could it be a problem with the 9.BC firmware? The one reported to work with SD2 was 9.GB but Acer stopped manufacturing these drives (4MB buffer) earlier this year.

Same problem trying to use BetaBlocker on the .IMG.


Try to reduce speed 4x max., or change clone cd version. I have noticed that version is more reliable on high speed that I also have an acer 120832 and I was able to backup safedisk 2 protected cds only at 4x on some cd brands. With version I had never this kind of problems.

use either the safedisk unwrapper and then reburn, or use clonecd and betablocker.

Worked for me :slight_smile:


I was able to make a copy. Just use 4x to read and Max to write.
I think the game has somekind in game protection. Because when I play with my brother on the LAN. We have the latest version (I don’t remember exactly). So, after half an hour my brother’s comp. says that I am defeated but my comp. says that he is defeated. But we still continue to play.

IT is protected with safedisk 2 ok