The SettlerIV good Crack needed

Did you all know that Settlers IV has 2 cd checks built in :frowning: I have a backup of the original cd which only plays in my writer so thought cant be doing with this, so I d/l the cracked exe file dumped the contents on me hd, replaced the safedisk2 exe with the cracked exe and reburnt the CD.


The first cd check is bypassed :slight_smile:
The second check appears when you actually try to play the game, a face comes up and says plz insert the Settlers IV CD, I could have swung for the *******. So can someone please find a good working crack for build 1.6.815.0, infact it seems to be the case with all the cracks :frowning:

I am tearing me hair out, what I have left anyway :)lol @ myself

Backup him With CD-Clone and all your problems are gone!!

Or look at Gamecopyworld

It’s safedisk 2, so you need a hardware compatible burner like Philips cdrw800 series.
Back up with clone and it works on every CD-rom drive.

That no problem for my, but i have Plextor 8/20.

I got a 12/10/32s will only work in that. I just need a proper cracked exe, the reason being I have replaced the protected exe with the patched exe, its just that the coders have not found the 2nd cd check :frowning: