The second burn hangs!?

I’ve got Nero running on Fedora Core 3, and I’ve just installed Nero, so I’m testing it by trying to burn the iso images for Core 4 to CD’s. The first one burned ok (though I haven’t tested it yet). No error messages. I put a new disk in, and tried to burn the second disk, and Nero hung, 5% in, writing the lead-in. It wouldn’t let me cancel or anything. I rebooted, and then it let me write disk 2, but not 3. Closing Nero and restarting it didn’t help. After my last attempt, I had to leave the machine, while it was churning away, and when I got back I found it had managed to cancel after 1 hour 11 minutes. It has written something to the disk, because it renders them unusable so I can’t retry burning to the same disk again…

Anyone have anything similar happen? any ideas?

Jim Jeakin