The Scorpion King - Godsmack video



Hi there,

I’ve been trying to copy the Godsmack - I stand alone video from “The Scorpion King” DVD using “DVD to AVI” and only some of the *.IFO files will work.
It’ll copy the movie fine, but the video won’t i’m guessing.
When I try to copy the video / aka IFO file, I get this message saying “cannot decode!”
i’m using DVD-TO-AVI version 1.4(registered).
anyone have any idea how to dissable the copy protection of this video?

I’ve been able to copy the Velvet Revolver cd onto my pc using whatever codek i want by dissabling a driver in the Device manager,
Would i do the same thing with this DVD?


Try finding it in re-author mode of DVD Shrink yet?