The Samsung SH-S202


Does the Samsung SH-S202 support bitSetting (BookType DVD-ROM) on DVD+R/RW/DL? I googled also looked on their home site, but to no avail. Thx for any response :bow:


they do with applications that support bitsetting like Nero or ImgBurn.


hi Michael thx a lot, my plextors had it so i’m buying a samsung tomorrow:)

I bought this burner twice because I was impressed at the burn quality and readability

I am most impressed with my SH-S202N so far. It arrived a week ago and haven’t tried writing any DVD+/-R yet but it’s notable achievements so far are as follows -

Consistently writes CDs with very low jitter even at 40/48x - 7% average, rarely any peaks (scanned with a Benq Dw1655 at 32x). On lesser quality discs the jitter is only slightly worse and still excellent. In fact I think the actual jitter is even lower but my Benq appears to be unable to measure below about 6.95%.

Excellent reader of damaged audio CDs.

And last but not least it has paid for it’s self already by completely reviving 5 brand new (& expensive) Verbatim DVD-Ram 5x discs that my Sony DW-G120 had “killed” last year.