The same type of OS+my old license key=?

Hi. Can I install Windows XP Home from different installation CD than my original one and enter my license key which has never been used on any other PC and get a legal and updateable OS? Thanks for all your ideas!

As long as it’s the same type of Windows XP Home CD, and you have obtained the CD-ROM legally, then the answer is “yes”.

If your license is for a different type of Windows XP Home (Retail, Upgrade, OEM) then your license key will (probably) not work, and you should contact Microsoft or your vendor for a replacement CD-ROM.

You will have to go through the “Activation” process again because you are re-installing the same license again, and this means calling up a (free) phone number and talking to a support person at Microsoft who will ask you certain questions, like why you are re-installing Windows.

Thanks a lot!!!