The saint

i am not computer wise but have been backing up my dvd’s with 1 click and dvd region free css for a year. i have two that i can’t seem to get’ 1 is the shadow conspircy witch i purchased on ebay
, i can watch it on my computer but can’t see it on my dvd player it has a region of 2 i think that is japan, i would like to try to make it work on my big screen, please help!! next i don’t know the difference between the region free software and a decrypter i had a problem with some recent dvd’s as to back up and until i used dvd43 along with region free and 1 click i could not get a back up so i guess my question is are all three needed or was the region freee+css along with the 1 click all i needed . the region free also has not been updated since 10/06

Welcome to CDFreaks, Region Free Means you have to remove the Regional restriction in way that you can play it in any region, but Decrypter means removing increption (like removing protection video from protected DVD). For your problem, try to rip the DVD “Shadow Conspiracy” into your hard drive using DVD Shrink then burn the ripped file into DVD+/- R disc, which would play into your large screen TV.

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thanks for the help i will try it