The rules: Read before posting in this forum

Please make sure you read the following rules and guidelines before posting in this forum.

What would be classed as 'political, religious, race related '.

Politics in general.

1: Debate or comment regarding a political system, political party, political leader, or member of a political party.

2: Debate or comment regarding the virtues, or bad points about a law, or party political debate about a possible new law, or scrapping of an existing law is concerned.

3: Debate or comment regarding an act of terrorism, or a terrorist organisation.

Nationality, race, culture, and religion.

1: Debate or comment regarding an act of aggression or appeasement between several countries.

2: Debate or comment regarding the virtues of one race or culture versus another.

3: Debate or comment regarding the virtues of one religion versus another.

The rules.

1: Debates or comments covered in the above (What would be classed as ‘political, religious, race related’) section will only be allowed in the political sub-forum. These topics will not be allowed in any other forum or sub-forum on

We regularly post news items, or a new member may create a thread which may have political overtones. You will be allowed to comment in the forum thread on how this may affect consumers or members, but expect any inappropriate political comment to be edited or deleted without warning. If you feel you need to make a political comment, then create a new thread in the political sub-forum to debate it, preferably with a link to the original thread.

2: Personal insults towards another member, likely to offend, are not allowed.
Example. Inferring another member is somehow stupid for supporting a political party, political leader, or law which is already in place, or is about to be put in place.

3: Be respectful of other cultures, religious groups, and nationalities.
Example. Making a comment such as all people from a particular culture, nation, or religious group are stupid, dumb, or terrorists, would be classed as disrespectful.

4: Be respectful of other members points of view, and use common sense.

5: Don’t excessively argue your point of view. If you have made a comment or statement once in a thread, there should be no need to keep making that same point over and over. However, you will be allowed to elaborate on points you have already made if required. Again, use some common sense.

6: If you’re not into politics, do NOT enter the political sub-forum. We will take a dim view of members deliberately trying to disrupt debates.

7: Leave any grievances you may have during political discussion in the political sub-forum. Do NOT carry those grievances into other forums.

What can you expect from the forum staff?

1: Forum staff should remain neutral. If you feel a member of staff is not being neutral, you should contact DoMiN8ToR. You should not complain about a staff member in a public forum post.

2: If you feel a member of staff has treated you unfairly, you should first raise your concerns with the moderator or admin concerned by PM. If their reply is not to your satisfaction, you should then contact DoMiN8ToR by PM or email.

3: If you breach the rules, then you can expect your post/posts to be edited or deleted without warning.

4: If you continue to breach the rules, you can expect to get a warning via PM, or a sanction, if the moderator feels the breach of rules was severe enough.

Please note:
Any examples used in this document are illustrative only and should NOT be taken to cover the full scope of what is acceptable or unacceptable.

These are not rules, but will hopefully be helpful, and allow the political sub-forum to be a pleasant place for political debate.

1: Try and keep the thread on topic. We will cut you some slack on this, but do keep in mind that many political threads in the past have been closed simply because they became so ‘off topic’ that they were unmanageable. Also, going off topic can be seen as disrespectful to the original thread creator.

2: Remember that different people will have different views. That doesn’t mean that you, or they, are incorrect. It only means they have a different view to yours. Please respect this.

The success or failure of the political sub-forum is mainly down to the members who use it. All we ask is that you keep your temper and emotions in check, and be respectful towards other members.