The RSS feed not working?

I have Trillian setup to show the 5 latest headlines from CDFreaks by using the RSS/XML feed, but now I noticed the news have disappered, and the URL gives me some odd error.
Where did it go?

It’s working again.

I noticed the news page and forums were down last night.
As a result the news feed was affected. This also affected my web site with slow loading times when a page with the news tracker present was being loaded. Is this standard with RS Feeds or was it a problem with your tracker?

BTW - I had to remove the tracker temporarily because it slowed the loading down to a point where the page would bomb out.
It all seems ok again now.

I think it’s normal as the RSS feed is pulled from our servers. You could use some kind of cache I suppose to locally store the file and parse it in your RSS feed reader. BTW, I just noticed the website in your signature, have you ever considered also joining our newsteam? I’m sure you’d fit in nicely! If you’re intrested send me a PM!

Ok, I will probably look into that and see if its possible.