(The road to the ...) Quality patch 16xs




I don’t want to hurry the kings but…

… the first thing in the morning (after kissing my lovely girlfriend :iagree: ) is looking in this forum… (To be honest it’s the first thing that I do when I am at my work… :cool: )

And every time I quickly start looking through the threads… :eek:

searching for the news that the quality patch is ready… :rolleyes:

Gentlemen, there must be any news since you two weeks ago officially informed us about your best work in progress… :wink:




if i use quality media like mcc or ty i don’t really need a quality patch. CS0P and BYX4 are very god firmwares, at least for 8-12x writing.

writing @16x with a quality patch would be cool, if results be as low as @8x.

let’s hope it will be ready soon…


Quality patch? I must have missed something. Which drive(s) are we talking about here?


something like CG5G, but for the 1653S.


MCC04’s don’t work too badly with 1653S. I get about max 250 PI (granted this isn’t great, but still works well), and 2-5 max PIF. This is burning at 16x and reading at 4x with Krobe… Verbatim 16x.


Any updates?


I still dun get the concept of a quality patch … is this like modding individual strats?


any news on a patched 1653s firmware?


I agree , they’re pretty good , but I just can’t figure it out with my DW-D22A drive, it’s always different result with same media MCC 004 or with Minus… :confused: my speed always 12x not higher…,coz it’s gonna be a total disaster :sad: