THE "RITEK" DEBATE ... et al




My interest is my DVD’s. I enjoy doing them, inkjet printing on them etc. And want them to last 20 - 30 years.

I’ve read a lot of very emphatic posts about how bad RITEK are yet I vividly recall on the old (sadly lost) dvddecrypter site how they were second only to Taiyo Yuden.

Now I read that some Taiyo Yuden are bad.

I contacted Ritek who claim their “real conditions” life expectancy is 30 years. I contacted Taiyo Yuden - 100 years (??)

I have bought Taiyo Yuden but the packaging says “Taiyo Yuden OEM”. The Media code/Manufacturer ID is TYG02, the same as the ones I bought that don’t have the “OEM” on the labelling. Wondering what the difference is I emailed TY who, politely, replied that they cannot discuss “OEM” products for “commercial reasons”. Non OEM they did talk about.

Can somebody please explain to me why RITEK are no longer regarded as good and if I can reasonably expect about 20-30 years from any Optical Disk - or at lkeast until DVD’s become obselete and I can copy them onto the ne technology (probably a pinhead microchip (smiley supposed to be here)

You’ve probably gueesed I’m a movie freak - not somebody who loves testing dvds all day.

Thanks for your help.


The deal is that Ritek have taken a severe dive in quality over the last couple of years. Not only are there serious compatibility issues with burners but there are numerous reports of entire batches of discs that have become unreadable after less than a year of use (and despite being well taken care of). Most people simply aren’t educated in media quality, so they buy whatever media has the most attractive price-tag on it. So why should Ritek maintain exacting standards on their media when the average buyer wouldn’t know quality media if it hit them in the face. Older Ritek discs are decent media, I just wouldn’t trust anything that has come out in the last couple of years or so.


My last batch of Ritek R03’s under the Maxell brand were ALL bad. Very high PIF errors, and one had a manufacturing defect. I have never personally come across anything as bad as the Riteks from TY, and as a result I only use TY’s or Verbatims (not the Verbatim Pearl Whites, as these are increasingly Ritek) for important stuff.

If you value your movies, buy TY - and you’re pretty much guaranteed stress-free burning.


I can honestly say that i have never used any Ritek +or- media that hasnt had some sort of defect. Most of the G04/5 media that i have used has had dye smearing problems and strange speckling on the underside.

The R03 media i have used has always had some discs with dye defects from any brand name.

G05 media has always degraded for me, ive never used any that hasnt. Thankfully the same cant be said for the G04/R03 media that i have used, these seem to be holding up pretty well. This is just my experience though.


Ritek is just one of the many Taiwanese blank CD-R and DVD+R/-R manufacturers. They rapidly drove most competitors in South Korea and Japan out of business and sometimes even other Taiwanese competitors. Because Ritek has been one of the two largest with CMC Magnetics, Ricoh chose them to make Ricoh’s DVD+R and DVD+RW disks. So Ritek disks that are more like Ricoh disks (with MIDs like RICOHJPNR02 for Ricoh 8x DVD+R) were often rated as the very best. Ritek disks of their own MIDs, nearly never.

Browse some CDFreaks reviews of DVD burners and you will see noticeable write quality differences between RICOHJPNR** disks and RITEKR** disks even when they are both under Ritek’s own brand names. Also read CDFreaks interview with Ricoh representatives in Germany.


Thanks everybody - and may I also say thanks for the friendly replies (I’m new).

Does anybody know what TY OEM are as opposed to just TY? I ordered TY in bulk but got TY OEM - the vendor says they are the same but TY Japan won’t discuss OEM products.

I’ve only recently turned to TY - before I was using RITEK - out of 600 I probably got no more than 30 bad ones (I keep them for experimenting with the inkjet). Having said that I recently bought 100 “fully printable” RITEK where I coasted about 5 of the batch - until I firmware upgraded, since then no problems.

Please could somebody tell me where I can find a guide on ImgBurn’s Discovery (sorry - I know this is not Imgburn site - I can’t find it there either) and InfoPro so I can understand the jitter, PI etc testing - and start using these functions?

Many thanks again. (can’t get bowdown to sit here - so “I’m bowing”!)


Just use Nero CD-DVD speed: This is a thread on it, how to interpret and where to get.

TY branded discs are nigh on impossible to get outside of Japan. The majority sold could be classed asOEM, but we tend to call them unbranded here. They are just TYs that haven’t had a brand attached to them.


Ritek works just fine for me.


Ritek works fine at the start try it in a few months with a scan. Fast degrade.


This is not necessarily true, some Korean and Greek (yes, Greek) online shops are selling That’s media.

Or Verbatim Pastel Disc. A big chain of department stores in my city is still selling Verbatim Pastel Disc CD-R (50 spindles). :clap:


Hence why I said nigh on impossible. The distribution is limited.


So TY OEM are the same quality - not a ‘lesser’ quality than TY?

The comment was made re RITEK to the effect of they have declined in qwuality because of the mass market and need to compete - wouldn’t that be true of TY?

Re testing months or years after burning, has the wear and tear on the dvd drives been taken into account? I would have thought only a pressed test disc could have determined that variable?

Thanks everybody.
BTW - here in Australia I know some people who have never had a successful burn on TY using new drives and up to date burners - they still stay with RITEK. I mention this only because the whole subject seems not only confusing (who has test results from the original burn?) but divided on RITEK/TY - not because of wanting the cheapest but on their personal experience.
(holding bald head in hands crying)


Are you sure these people are using real TY media and not fake TY media?

There are plenty of really cheap and poor media that “pretend” to be TY media when you look at the MID (Manufacturer IDentification), and it’s not fair to compare results with such media to those you get with real Taiyo Yudens!


When they can’t be read anymore but in a couple of drives, skip an freeze in about any standalone player, there’s no need to even think about drive deterioration.

You also seem to miss that most of the people who have reported Ritek G05 degradation have several drives, and use other discs as well, and didn’t notice problems with them, only with the Riteks. So you can rule out a drive reading issue.

BTW yes, thanks to the rate at which some of these G05 degrade (not all do that, but I’d avoid the crapshoot), there has been several comparisons between original scans vs. consecutive ones, showing a dramatic increase in errors, sometimes in periods as short as two or three weeks. I can show you some before/after scans if you like, I kept a couple. They’re pretty scary.

Now I’d like to add that everybody on this board seem to think that all Ritek media is unstable, though the degradation problem has been consistenly reported only for G04 and G05 produced after mid-2004. Degradation problem with +R Ritek media, or older G04, has been very scarse. So it’s not a clear cut.

Two interesting threads:

And here is an extract of a post of mine in another forum in 2005:
“Ritek is totally ruining its reputation with all these quality control problems with G05 production, ending in so many different grades available. Same happened last year (2004) with G04 discs.
Furthermore, [B]it induces senseless and endless arguing between DVD enthousiasts[/B], because some RitekG05 (or G04) users have used the good stuff and are convinced that those who used the bad stuff are delusional (user error, burner incompatibility, whatever) and same thing the other way round, those who used the bad stuff are convinced that those who used the good stuff only try to defend the media they use or are mindless newbies.”

#15 This is a scan result from a brand spanking new drive of a Ritek branded G05. Therefore that veriable is removed.


Not that it changes your report in any way, but Benq drives tend to hate NEC burns, which probably adds even more salt to the already awful scan… :bigsmile:


Well a slower scan speed showed no improvement, though on other discs burnt on the NEC it does. Therefore I would say regardless of BenQ drives tempremental nature with discs not burnt by them that is one screwed up disc :bigsmile:


lol i can DEFINETLY vouch for this media or at least dual layer ritek media being dog poo see here>>>