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I am looking for some real answers. I have a setup in mind, but can’t seem to find anyone who knows what they’re talking about.
I currently have begun collecting full seasons of TV shows which I would like to burn to DVD. I also have a new Scientific Atlanta 8300 DVR. It has video and audio outs for copy to VCR, but that’s it. I was looking for a good DVD burner/Recorder to offload some of these newly recorded shows and movies from my DVR. I also have obtained DVDShrink and other DVD editing software which I have tried with my current CD burner. I have not wanted to invest in anything until I have some answers. I saw the “Iomega One Touch” which seemed like a good solution, but after reading the reviews, I think I changed my mind. I went to Circuit City and asked a Geek. He seemed to have all sorts of opinions which I found to be wrong once I read the forums. He recommended the Sony solution that they sold, but after reading the reviews on that, it had the same issues as Iomega. What I would like, is a device that works as a DVD recorder for my DVR, and has firewire or USB connections so I can connect it to my pc and rip DVDs and AVIs to DVD in a nice menu driven format. I do not want to have to buy a video capture card, a dvd burner, and a dvd recorder for my house. Any ideas?

I think the only thing that can do that is a personal computer.

So, your saying that there isn’t a combo unit that is worth investing in to do what I need?

Ok then, how about this, if I cannot buy an external DVDR that will supply both audio/video inputs for my DVR and firewire/usb connectors for a pc, what video capture card would you recommend, and what DVD burner?

Remember there are no high quality videocapture cards within the mid price range. Think thousands here. Still wanna continue?

You sure are the bearer of good news here. So none of the video capture cards that I see online for $150-250 are any good? I’m not looking for HD, just good quality video. you sure there’s nothing I can do without spending loads of money?

There are zillions of video capture cards in the world and half of those are based on the same BTC chip as it was 5 years ago. The other half are just digital -> digital transferring devices.

Most of these things can capture a standard PAL/NTSC stream (maximal 720x756 pixels), but cannot compress them into an MPEG stream. That takes relatively huge processor capacity and on the fly. The data/video stream of the input doesn’t wait. That’s where all those funny glitches come from. On top of that you can have synchronisation errors.

So, you could go for a nice DV card like the $80 Pinnacle, but that’s just a firewire card in a flashy outfit. Since your source is already a digital signal (DV = digital), there’s no need for compression stuff.

So if basically transferrring stuff from digital source to digital target, yes get one of those things

BUT if you want to transfer VCR or coax signals into comnpressed digital signals, you would reguire a recording device that does this for you real time. Such as Canopus stuff.

Personally i have a bit of both using the nVidia Cinema FX 5200 video card (around $100). This card comes with standard FX 5200 capabilities (not that bad), has a PAL Tuner (whoppee, tv!) and a breakout box which can simulteneously reviece and transmit sound (2 tulip plugs) and coax (yellow tulip plug) or svideo (black plug, not vhs!) signals.

This card can record in “practically real time” (it still uses your main cpu but has its own little mpeg encoder chip embedded) a normal tv quality signal.

The software however sucks big time. If you use professional software (which can also be $$$$$$$$) it’s probably better, but even more time amd especially resource (memory+cpu power, etc) consuming.

Thanks for the info.

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