The right +R media for liteon?

so after getting bad results with verbatim DVD+R MCC002, i am looking for other media.

what media types do liteon 812/832 like very much, and work with most recent firmwares (prefer those that work with 812@832 firmwares) with or without media tweaks/strategy changes?

is there a strategy change for mcc to make them burn better? anyone tried anything?

i am asking before buying because i buy from abroad, as in italy prices are mad (cheapest are 2.5/3 euro, and a shop where there is a large collection of media sells higher (ricoh at 4-5 euro/cad).

Good dvd+r media is, in my opinion:

Taiyo yuden

Those work great for me.

what media codes are they? doesn’t have Taiyo yuden
there is ricohjpnr01 and prodisk r02
then many brand that seem bad…

what about cmc mag?

Yes the media ID’s are ricohjpnr01 and ProdiscR02 / R03.

Have you considered buying your media from the UK? Prices are bit cheaper there.

Take a look at:


so you had similar problems with all media, but how were the results? all unreadable with corrupted files?
the burn on RICOHJPNR02 (liteon retail media) was quite bad (TI above 600), but file-by-file compare showed 3 files bad only.

the MCC002 all coasters.

All discs play in my standalone player (Voxson) but it seems to be very forgiving - and plays everything I throw at it.

My 4816H Combo drive has trouble with some of the RITEKR02 and R03 discs.
CD/DVD Speed gives uncorrectable error message on most.
I decided to copy some RITEK discs to RICOHJPNR01 discs and even DVD Decrypter had trouble ripping them (Nero and DVDShrink wouldn’t - CRC error). My 451@832 drive is a better reader but still ‘thrashed’ around a bit when ripping.

The DVD-R discs were OK but I get better results with +R (RICOHJPNR01) discs so thats why I don’t use -R.

I haven’t used RICOHJPNR02 discs but from what I’ve read they don’t seem to be as good as the 4x …R01 discs.

Following is a transfer scan of a RICOHJPNR01 disc - Give these a try , it doesn’t get much better than this.
In saying that - what works for one drive may not work for another - so its all a bit of trial and error in finding the right media / firmware combination for your drive.

I didn’t burn any media till today, i used TDK DVD+R 4X (RicohJPNR01), made in taiwan, here is the result in kprobe, very bad too…
i used the stock US0Q firmware.

I copied the same data on a verbatim +RW disk, and it was good, the TDK disk will show the files in Explorer, but drive will spin forever when opening any file…

so, what’s the problem with my drive?

Did you try different firmwares?
Here is an example with VS0A, RICOHJPNR01 burnt @8x:


@MCByte, Maybe you just got a bad batcch of discs.

Has that drive given you any good burns? That sort of bad burn with RicohJpnR01 is very very unusual, esp if burned at the rated 4x speed. Check that you are using SPTI and not ASPI in your hardware setup. More information on hardware, setup, and programmes used will help.

@nooby god:
as i said before, i also got verbatim mcc media, and it seemed a bad batch, so is it my luck to get always bad batches?

till now with this drive, i burned 7 DVD+R’s + 4 DVD+RW + 10 CDR:
the DVD+R, i used the liteon media (RICOHJPNR02), it has high error rate, but most files readable
then the rest of the DVD+R all bad, either very high error rate or even unreadable at all (i used MCC002 and RICOHJPNR01).
the DVD+RW (verbatim +RW) are all OK, very low error rates.
and the CDR’s are all wonderful…

so what’s the story of SPTI and ASPI?
drive is on IDE primary master with DMA enabled, 2 harddisks on Promise UDMA100 controller, windows XP SP1 + Nero + Alcohol.

if the drive is defective, what will it do? will it burn ALL media (DVD+CD) badly? or just the DVD+R?
as till now not even 1 good media, then there is no need for this drive…

Very, very strange your case… :confused:
RICOHJPNR01 and MCC are very good medias, and they burn OK with Lite-On burners (particularly I prefer RICOH).
You can try re-install the drive and flash with other firmware (US0N works OK)…, and if the burns continue equally, then I would go RMA.

For Europe you can buy genuine RICOH HERE (good prices), and HERE you can find very gook +R media (TY, RICOH, MCC).

I don’t know if it’s your luck now. Reflash firmware and reboot, try out codekings firmware. Also try out other media.

LiteOn 8x DVD+R

ASPI/SPTI are drive driver. ASPI is the older one, and the newer one SPTI. Often, bioth are installed, and only the SPTI one is active. Mine somehow got switched to ASPI (don’t know which program did it), and as a result, during DVD burns, the light turns orange frequently, and the buffer would empty. Ended up with coasters. This setting would give acceptable CD burns, but not DVDs.

As you are getting good DVDRW burns, my suspicion would be a dud drive. A test with one or two other +R DVD should confirm this.

Pretty much every +R type I’ve thrown at the Lite-On (from the high profile manufacturers) it has burned flawlessly, with the exception of one spindle of Taiwan MCC003. However another spindle of MCC003 has burned without incident (they had different serial numbers, so I guess they weren’t the exact same discs).

The problem is the drive stores the last few burn info and uses that to set the burn for the next disk. Would be nice if we can go through the code and see exactly what all they use but I have now verifeid I can recreate certain instances of good/bad burns and reclibrations within certian number of disks.
This was done so that once you get a good burn, Your burns will continue to improve until you change media and what not. Bad side effect is, You are screwed once you get a bad burn until…
But generally 2X burns seem okay since they are not as critical… RW media burns do not seem to use these stuff and work much much better, with -R the worst…

ASPI is from adaptec/ncr and V3.6 works with IDE and SCSI drives. In V3.7 they removed IDE so it dont work no more except with SCSI devices. SPTI is microsoft interface like ASPI. If you want to use USB with win XP you need SPTI.

Check transfer rate on Promise controller… For 8X burns promise has problems going faster than 4X-DVD / 32X-CD.

i tried another type of discs, Sony DVD+R 4x (which is MCC002), made in singapore, and the same if not worst, drive doesn’t detect it (windows say no cd in drive).

I tried Sony, Both +R and -R, TDK’s, Yuden’s, Riteks’ that came with the drive and they all had errors and did not burn properly. So Its the same here. Maybe a write strat change would help but at over $3 per disk, thats more than my pension pays in a day. I would rather not have to keep wasting disks to find out. Try burning them at 2X and see if it works better. Best bet is to get RW media, I had good luck with -RW @ 2x which burnt perfectly (TDK, JVC, MAXWELL) other wise I would have taken the drive back. But seems the drive works. Thats the only way to test these drives out. But since you already did that.

You can also try out a few multi session sessions @ 2x and see if your drive is improving. It usually will either improve or go downhill. And you dont need to waste so many disks. Just write like 400 megs or so per session and check.