The RIght external enclosure for Lite-on sohw832s?

how u guys doin, right now i’m considering getting the Lite-on sohw 832s, for my laptop, and i’ve heard that you can buy external enclosures to make internal dvd rw’s into external ones. First how do u look for the right external enclosure to match the dvd burner? The cheapest ones I’ve found are like $30, anywhere I can get them cheaper? Do the 5.25 inch enclosures fit all burners? Do i have to take the burner apart somehow to install it into the enclosure?

I’m really new to dvd burners and don’t know anything about enclosures, but the idea that buying an internal and making it into an external and costing almost 20 to 30 dollars cheaper than buying an external sounds too good. Any help anybody could give me, would be greatly appreciated…thanks a lot… :smiley:

The $30 ones will do the job as regards to the price i live in England so cant help you there no you dont have to take it apart to install it and yes it,s very easy to do just done the same trick my self works great :wink: :wink:

hey kueBlue, thanks for the reply…could u tell me which burner u got and which external enclosure u purchased for it? also I was wondering how is the quality and speed of your burning with an external enclosure? I heard that these things might decrease with an enclosure. have u had a lot of coasters?

No coasters speed just the same as it was in my pc its a samsung burner in a hi-speed enclosure cost £45 alliminium so looks good too