The RIAA’s bag of dirty tricks



I just posted the article The RIAA’s bag of dirty tricks.

While the link included in the source article provides far too much information regarding the scope of RIAA tactics in how it goes about suing people, there are a few salient points to highlight,…

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He who has the money makes the laws. It is even happening up here in Canada now. The current minister of culture in Canada, Mrs. Oda, had most of her campaign funded by the RIAA. And now they want to strip all fair use from us, but still collect the levy on our media. I am so glad we have a minority government that can’t get any of their bills passed.


Wow–that’s shocking! I suppose the ‘minister of culture’ title is a misnomer if the said representative is trying to limit ‘culture’ in some way (an educated approach that involves fairness to all would be one aspect of culture)? Can you perhaps provide a link to this, especially if the link chronicles the RIAA being behind such a backing? If so, please include that in another reaction.