The RIAA sues again 754 people



I just posted the article The RIAA sues again 754 people.

 DamnedIfIknow and GristyMcFisty, both  used our news submit   to report to us that the RIAA  (Recording Industry Association of America) has send out its Christmas gifts.  Distributing music...
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this is simplya war that cannot b won too many people on each side dedicated to the cause of greed one for the pirates one for the record barons of this stupid world people just stop buying for a week make em drop the price of entertainment stand together defiant people this is a war that will not be won as it is but if we stand we will win i have no quarms with companys making money but on the other hand a fair price will stop piracy and also increase saled if the price is right thats all the average joe wants.


And if anyone had not noticed, the RIAA has yet to actually win a single lawsuit. They are waging a terroristic campaign of lawsuit fear which scares the common person into agreeing to whatever the RIAA lawyers want to avoid being bankrupt by the cost of a defense, whether they have done anything illegal or not! Someday they will pick on the wrong person or a class action will be filed against them for harrassment and then perhaps they will know what lawsuit fear really is.


Considering the RIAA is for the most part run by Jews who probably aren’t true to the Christmas spirit, what else would you expect? :X


May god comfort their soul :wink: and think about not using those clients.


Don’t think that has anything to do with it.