The RIAA strikes back - call them: 800-BADBEAT

I just posted the article The RIAA strikes back - call them: 800-BADBEAT.

If you are working in a company as IT empolyee and have filled empty HD space with your personal music collections (of course backupped from your personal CD collection) then you should be aware of…

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Who needs any encouraging? :slight_smile: That’s the “sad part” of this story, some peeps will incriminate thier bosses for just the sheer delight! I sense that the RIAA lawyers are on the money trial for “deep pockets” like big businesses! :slight_smile:

Am I the only person who wonders these extreme fees and aggressive attacks on buisnesses (even though its the employees abusing the company network, not the company) is just a big scam to make money. If the RIAA cared so much about preventing illegal sharing of songs, why are they asking for so much? While a high fine does help curb would be sharers, the extreme level of them really makes me wonder. How does the RIAA have the right to collect anything more than the value of the songs. Say a CD is $13 for 13 songs, thats a dallor a song. If you have 10 employees (often these are ONLY IT people sharing music). Well then the RIAA should only be able to collect no more than $10 per song thats actually been shared amongst ALL 10 users. Suddenly that $1m looks more like $1,300 (the cost of all 10 people sharing 10 cds). I smell corporate rape.

I agree. This is just a big scam. What I suggest to all you guys who live in america is to just phone this hotline and give them any random company info and so totally waste their time, money and effort. Phone them up and tell them you work for MS for instance and say MS has a BIG 1000 gig music server in their head quarters that they let all their employees log into to listen to music. Lets see if they have enough bottle to fight a company with lawyers as rich as their own.

Why does the RIAA automatically assume we are theives ?

So we copy and swap our files at work by copying them onto CDs in our home machines instead. Saves your corporate and we all get what we want.

I asked our Corporate attorneys how they would respond to a simlar notice referring to litigation and or settlement…their response “file it if you have it” She also stated why has the RIAA not sent notice of intent to the cable/TV compaines? No basis for a suit is the reason.

Personally, I am currently using the 1-800-BAD-BEAT number for a quite different purpose. What I do is call this number, say some crap and then hang up. This is yet another way of draining RIAA’s financial resources. Remember, this number is toll-free, meaning that RIAA has to pay for all incoming calls. And on top of wasting RIAA’s “hard-earned” money, I waste their time as well. I suggest that everyone else do the same to multiply their losses. Just make sure that you do it from a pay phone, otherwise they might trace your ass.

Call in and report the RIAA.

if the RIAA spent as much money on producing and harvesting good music then they would make a hell of a lot more money. (can I say hell?)

Why doen’t RIAA sue Microsoft for creating the software (OS) that created P2P sharing or Realaudio for allowing copyrighted material to be played?

get real “pirate515” this exercise won’t be costing the RIAA a cent. The expenses for this little rort will be claimed as a legitimate tax expenditure, as a business “improvement” or some such, and as so the “little taxpayer” will be footing the bill…:7

maybe it won’t cost them much but It will make you feel better. Not to mention if the lines are tied up with crank calls then legit calls can’t get through :d

report Hillary Rosen, all of you know she has a huge collection of Yanni mp3s on her laptop

I wish companies who allow their employees to share music the best of luck. FUCK the RIAA!!! All the greedy RIAA can think of doing is filling their already fat pockets with extra money. Them retards at the RIAA are rich selfish brats!!! I encourage people to call 1-800-BADBEAT and harass the RIAA to disrupt their business until they finally learn that if music can be copied, it can be gotten for free as with anything else that can be copied. Long live the giant servers with MP3 collections!