The RIAA should go



Rules of the poll :

No flame wars against them or each other.
No discussions about their current actions.
No long typings about your brilliant idea

Just vote no , or vote yes and motivate your vote by posting something in less than 3 lines of text.

Should they go ?

Remember … if they went , who knows what would be the follow-up ?


I’ll go first. I voted yes , because i think that their follow-up might even be more dependant on the music and movie industries. They will be even more ruthless. But they will fight a useless cause , mp3 is here to stay , no one can change that anymore.


I voted NO … Not just yet.
They will, as we might be beginning to see , start having bad public relations and the music industry will need to start doing something about it. Cutting prices, investing in a better product.


I voted yes, I predict that it will happen in a series of quick and deadly assassinations! :bigsmile:




HELL yes.




The RIAA should go

To Hell. Their actions irritate me, they need to listen to the consumers.


Hey Hey! Ho! Ho!
The RIAA really blows! :stuck_out_tongue:


voted yes
they are getting it all there own way just now
there luck must change soon


Hell Yeah,er,um,I mean,Yes…:bigsmile: