The RIAA is sending out letters again, warning individuals

I just posted the article The RIAA is sending out letters again, warning individuals.

The Recording Industry
Association of America (RIAA) is sending out warning letters again to alleged
software pirates. This time the anti-piracy association has send letters to five

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So send the letters back un-opened…return to sender, recipient moved away… Alternatively return a letter to them full of dog shite…that oughta do it… :+

In the UK the British Phonographic Institute is EVEN trying to stop the internet retailer Cd-Wow from supplying UK customers! Reason: they sell original CDs cheaper than others! (since based in Hong Kong). …not only do they tell you NOT to copy, and NOT to download BUT they want to restrict where you buy from!!! Basically if you’re paying

NO. If you return their letter with “full of dog shite” they assume that you already got “contact” of the sent item and hence u r aware of their letter of reprieve. Just send it back unopened or marked unclaimed with a stamper. That way you don’t write anything with your handwriting so they cannot trace you. F**K the RIAA!..

From what says a report to the competition commision maybe…?

All chart CDs at asda are under a tenner, i wonder if they will try to shut them down?

soon in a country of your choice: a world ruled by idiots.

It won’t surprise me if the five began setting up FTP servers (which IMHO is a little bit more secure if you don’t allow anonymous access).

Seems like RIAA is Really Idiotic And Annoying… What all call privacy online, the moneychangers $pend $pend $pend to take away and continue their path in breaking laws for the sake of law? The RIAA seem to be trying to push a rock up a never ending mountain, hoping one day they will reach the top. Once their fuel is exhau$ted, then will the insanity subside. I am sorry RIAA:c, but recent events against economic prosperity and class degradation only make way for the inevitable.:B