The RIAA goes after Satellite radio!

I just posted the article The RIAA goes after Satellite radio!.

 The RIAA  is not happy with new satellite radio devices that allow recording and playback of copyrighted content that is broadcast over  Sirius and XM radio services. This latest...
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As another expansionist and selfserving corporation disguising itself as a saviour of the copyright holder, I predict this miasmia of lost souls will destroy itself from within. Greed is a “me” preoccupation…:X

I guess i better break out the good old cassete tape recorder. Sony makes tape recorders but yet they also make music so what side are they on?

Is there no law in the US to stop that jerks to rip off anyone???

They also make recordable minidiscs, MP3s and cd writers (both PC based and stand alone hi-fi units). To make matters worse, they have a huge movie company and sell a large range of DVD writers. It’s strange to see a company that is activly trying to tear itself apart, but then again it is Sony…

“Greed is a “me” preoccupation…” …and there is no honor among thieves. ESPECIALLY corporate ones. Wait for it…

There is a very simple fix to this people. All the satellite radio companies have to do is start by allocating 10 channels each for the sole purpose of playing nothing but independent music. The satellites make a deal with the indies to pay a reasonable royalty an mechanical rate and suddenly scores of new and great artists get airplay, get paid and the cost of satellite doesn’t have to go through the roof. This not only will give lots of great and unheard of artists some exposure, but it will also create sales for indie CDs, which are usually cheaper and better than the junk the RIAA pushes. This would cut right through the control of the RIAA and begin the trend of putting music back where it belongs. So people…call your satellite services and tell them to give it a shot. Lets put the RIAA in the shitter and start listening to some great indie artists
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I have had it with this crap. I will copy whatever I want and for anyone who asks for a copy. I have not bought a cd in over 6 years because most of the music is shite. I was going to purchase the new NIN cd, I listened to it at a friends house and decided not to buy that. I wonder if we could get Al kadi to blow up the RIAA.:d

I haven’t bought a CD in 10 years and haven’t really missed a thing music wise. I get all my music from other sources (friends, independent releases etc). What’s funny is that in the large electronic stores virtually no one is buying CDs yet people are flocking to pickup vinyl record releases! Vinyl seems to be making a comeback and I suspect this will continue as people are fed up with CDs all the bullshit restrictions with them. The RIAA itself is the epitome of capitalist greed and is run by a bunch of cold, callous thugs who have no conscience.

dude if ya want Al Qaeda to blow up the riaa, download the free training manual on how to be one of them, compliments from the america DOJ Very intersting reading :d

WOW i pay 10 dollars a month for satelite radio and i cant record it wow is the riaa messed up what a bunch of retards. of those independent artists channels they should have atleast one channel devoted to myspace music there are some good local bands i went to see have you ever seen nickelback they suck i remember a video of the band getting pelted with rocks at one of their early performances and they got signed that proves the lower quality of music is to blame for the riaas “plight” if i am paying 10 dollars for a service i should be able to record what i want just like if i pay 18 dollars for a cd i should be able to rip it to non-protected files that i can put on my mp3 player instead of ripping it to some proprietary format making a cd copy of it then ripping it back losing quality all the way please google come out with gtunes so all artists will just get a commission from the text ads when people download their music which will probably be equal to or more than what they get from the RIAA that way the music will still be free and the user will have piece of mind that the artist gets paid in all this plus google could charge a low yearly fee to cover operating costs and the artist would be able to release music the same time he/she is done with it
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Where exactly does the money the RIAA gets off these fees go? Other than the legal department, both in the attack-kids and defend-from-parents depts.

How are they going to stop recording? Seems to be a simple analog out will let me record on just about anything. The compression used on satellite radio eliminates any kind of quality anyhow, an analog step won’t cause any noticeable loss.