The return of the read speed - Benq 1620 read speed patch



To celebrate posting #1000 at cdfreaks, ala42, the maker of MediaCodeSpeedEdit, and MCSE productions proudly present:

Speed Wars VI - The return of the read speed

featuring The Benq 1620 drive - already appearing in two parts of the Speed Wars saga

Speed Wars IV - Patch me if you can
Speed Wars V - Don’t leave me this way

The return of the read speed will appear soon (in a few hours) in your favorite MCSE thread close to you.


Bring it on.

If my 1620 could read +R / -R at 16X I could junk my 3520. Thats pretty much all its good for.

  • Chris


Ala42 ? Congrats on the 1000 posts. Before long you will have the BenQ’s making breakfast. Thank you for all you’ve done.


Your post that breaks 1k will be a biggie…
Congrats and thanks in advance.


What a good news!!!

IMO, BenQ is a decent reader. There’s no reason to limit its speed.
Even though 12x and 16x read test was impossible, 16x quality scan suggests that a good media is absolutely readable at 16x.

@ In terms of reading defected discs, 1620 is very good, but not the best. Believe it or not, my pioneer 105(teac branded) is the best reader in my experience. (But it is also the one who’s responsible for most of my not-well burned discs :frowning: )


ala, Congrats for your 1k post and can’t wait for the tool!


Ala is Great !

Thank you for your work and congratulations for your 1000th post.


Thanks for the congratulations, new release is out now.




congrats ala42 and I cant wait for Speed wars VII - featuring the benq makes your morning coffee


Where is it?
Thanx! :bow: :bow: :bow:


He carrie’s it with him everywhere he goes…It’s in his sig :wink:


it was a taiyo yuden dvd+r with a QS of 97


Let my bet, the burst rate test gives 13 MB/sec. Open device manager, disable the ide port the drive is connected to, enable it, run the burst rate test again to see 23 MB and scan again.
Edit: Rebooting after flashing would also solve this problem.


I’m getting similar results with the read-speed hack. It seems to top out at 10x.


you were right

same dvd after rebooting :

thanks for the hack :bow:



You were right. The burst rate on the Benq was 13 MB/s, while my NEC was 23. Removed the driver and rebooted, now the Benq is 23 MB/s and my read speed is 16x.

Excellent diagnosis. Thanks for the wonderful tool.


It seems to reach 16x speeds with DVD+R but with DVD-R i can´t reach 16X, it starts at 3.41X and ends at 8X


Just rebooting or just disabling/reenabling without rebooting would have been enough.


Confirmed! I’m getting the same results with -R media.