The Return of Shadowfaxframe

I know that most of you could care less, but I will be making an effort to return to the forums and post more frequently. I have been very busy with college and am just now getting things on track. But, now, I should be able to devote more time to forums. YAY!!!

Hello there O’ horse which encircles the picture!

wow airhead. looks like youre still an airhead. lol. Just kidding.

Arrrrrrrrrr . . .

Tiver Me Shimbers!!!

What’s a shimber?

Welcome back anyway :slight_smile:

so give us the real story …we wanna hear about the pirate kitties that held you captive and shaved your body hair to make a weave for their king…

Admit it SS … you just want to shiver someones timber :stuck_out_tongue:

nope i wanna timber someones shivers

I have no idea what that means!
But hey!

Iron Maiden!!! Excellent!
Er … I have no idea why I said that …

i for one re-welcome our new kitten-overlord :slight_smile:

Iron maiden? Well they are excellent as they manage to use 4 guitar players for what a solo player can do too :slight_smile:

Now that’s elevating specialisation to an art form!

Hey they’re old, cut them some slack! :smiley:

No, the pirate kittens didnt take me captive. I threw them overboard because they kept singing the Meow Mix tune. I got a new motly crew of kitten pirates. I said Tiver me Shimbers because that is sating Shiver Me Timbers in reverse, well kinda. Thanks Mr. Belvdere for the welcome:)

So you made them walk the plank!

You evil pirate!

/me slaps shadowfaxframe with the kitty litter that Gigabyte includes on debro’s NF4 motherboard as the onboard audio chip.