The return of cabbage face?!?!?



I made an additional copy of FARSCAPE: THE PEACEKEEPER WARS after upgrading my 5005. Picture quality sure seemed better. Colours maybe a little brighter, and couldn’t catch the green tint at all.

I wondered if the problem with cabbage face had been in how the machine was playing things back, or in the recording process. Instead of checking previously made discs on my player, to see if I noticed the green tint, I put a previously recorded FARSCAPE PKW disc into the upgraded recorder, and ran it for a while.

Picture didn’t seem quite as good as the new copy, but the green wasn’t as obvious as I remembered it being, either.

Later, I decided to make one more copy of the STAR TREK ENTERPRISE series finale before my TiVo does something strange and erases it like it did to my SMALLVILLE finale.

I’m sitting here watching the episode run as the 5005 records it, and I swear I’m seeing the cabbage face tint again.

Umm…the previously made discs couldn’t have thrown the machine out of wack or something and made the problem return, could it? Maybe it’s my imagination, but it really looks like the tint is back.

Has anyone noticed anything like this?

Also, side question-
I forget if anyone answered this before…
Have the upgrades from LiteOn had any effect on the jerky movements sometimes seen at the four hour speed? Or is this always going to be a problem if the machine gets too hot?
Still novicing…


There are no reported instances of a previously recorded disk bringing the dreaded cabbage face back to the 5005, that I am aware of. The most recent FW upgrades (1098) seemed to help the color balance for many, but not all folks. I don’t think anyone knows for sure the precise cause or solution for CF. It seems as if Liteon simply has too much unit to untit variability in their quality control process for problems such as CF. It is also, to some degree, in the eyes of the beholder. From reading some posts you would swear that CF is a dark green. In other posts it is a slight greenish tint. (Both decriptions may or may not be correct if an independent viewer looked at it) In addition to Liteon’s ability to control and compensate color differences there are at least the following other items (and probably more) that can contribute:

1). Quality of the signal.
2). Quality of the TV or monitor.
3). Quality of the media used.
4). Quality of the cables used to interconnect the devices.
5). Configuration of system, i.e., some use the Liteon tuner some don’t, some split the signal before the Liteon in a switch box or splitter, etc, etc, etc
6). Temperature - heatsinks or not, tightly enclosed cabinet, extra ventilation, 5005 on all the time …

Since so many things can contribute, it is a difficult problem to resolve for an individual user. But generally, if you keep it cool, use good cables, have a good quality signal, a good quality monitor/TV and keep the signal path short, you have eliminated most of the contributors outside of the 5005.

I guess this is a long way around saying I do not see any way playing a disk by itself will create CF unless there is an underlying fault in the unit that just happened to coincide with playing the disk.