The request for the best modchipable CD drive/burner

I started this idea offtopic at the PSX breakthrough thread, because on that system til now its still the best solution for easiest backuping.

But lets discuss here on a own topic which Drive could be the best for modchipping, which chances this could bring and everything whats related with this new solution.

It would be very good if some guys with good CD-drive hardware knowledge and ppl who tested alot different good drives and writers can help with their knowledge for finding the best hardware and modchip-possibilitys (if existing). Of course critic of this idea is welcome also.

My idea behind is “create a new standard” of a one and only “cracked drive”, which is available worldwide, so everyone can chip that drive like the PSX and break with the new extended features :wink: almost all (new…) CD protections very easy.

As far on the other thread we’ve had following contributions about this issue:


a short idea because of the modchipping in the future of PC CD drives:
I think as early as better it is to check out which hardware is the best for this issue. And with this method the developers for our special CDdrive chip which enables us to play highendprotected CD backups just would have to check out one hardware system, and not hundred different. I want to say this here just very short, its a thread for the hardware forum, but because of the PSX Modchip it fits here too. Maybe all of us can agree for one of the new Plexy or Litey. Of course its a question how complicated its to revers engineer the firmware and understand the hardware of these products. Maybe in the beginning its enough to patch the firmware of these drives or burners.


modchips just tell the machine what it wants to hear. we can do that with software on PC’s.


You’re right, but doesn’t mean its always possible or the best solution:

Example: Copying Music CD which have the new “european” audio CD protections.

Next: Not everyone loves to install dozens of “workaround CD protection” proggys and ISO mounters just to get all the different protected systems working.

Then: sometimes you have to “patch” hardware for adding needed features which without that simply wouldnt exist on the unmodified hardw.

And: if we only would go for software solutions, then why trying to burn directly working CD-R backups - no, then everything must be done completely with mounted ISOs.

Lastbnleast we don’t know what kind of protection we get in the future. But for shure these protections will be (much…?!) stronger as present ones.

CU, Sam

Originally posted by Sam123456789

My idea behind is “create a new standard” of a one and only “cracked drive”, which is available worldwide, so everyone can chip that drive like the PSX and break with the new extended features :wink: almost all (new…) CD protections very easy.

Sounds great, but not possible on PC. Shite, I sound like a 45yr old engineer.

Correction, it could be done, but no manufacturer or hardware group would be willing to inccur the backlash from the major corporations which make so much money from copy-protected games. (Read “SONY is evil”)

Secondly PC’s just aren’t set up for bit based reading/writing strategies.
All hardware is designed to conform to Byte based standards, which is why everything actually works. The standards are there for a reason.

The fact that copy-protection schemes violate the standards is the only reason they work, but cause issues with hardware which conforms perfectly to the original standards.

If you read the news, phillips is totally peeved at copy-protections violating their cd-standards and has already threatened to release hardware which can do 1-1 copies bitwise.

At any rate the discussion of exact 1-1 copies of CD will soon be redundant as the rest of the world is moving towards DVD anyway!

But agreed, it would be nice if we could come up with a universal patch which would allow us to patch any hardware to do bit-bit copies without the error correction.

At any rate, the reason we CAN’T actually do 1:1 copies is because of sloppy reasoning.
Programmers ASSUME that something will always be right, or the same or will work, cos it’s in the standards.


  1. Dummy files
  2. Fake TOC
  3. Errors in subcode (securom1/2)
  4. Errors in error correction data (Safedisk)
  5. Regular bit patterns / EFM encoding (securom 3/4?)
  6. Region code/etc after leadin, inside postgap for PSX games where should be all 0’s.

The problem with all these protections is that firmware/software programmers have taken it for granted that these will never happen, because it they do, it will violate the standards and hence be an error, expectedly not on purpose.

It would be a very big job, but maybe with the most popular firmware and software, like Lite-On/Plextor and clone/alcohol :slight_smile:

Exactly what are you after ? If it is writing perfect copies of all bytes, it may not be enough.

There are pit/land combinations that do not translate to valid bytes, but are perfectly readable, in principal at least.

I still feel that the playstation1 is using them, as it would be easily implimented, and dambed hard to crack.

A reader/writer that was corect to the last pit and land would solve most posibilities. If it could duplicate the actual positions of the data from the original disk, it would crack anything i can think of.

Still i doubt such will be easily created. The data is converted to bytes at a VERY low level, and i think hardwired into the chip concerned. Still maybe there is a cd reader/writer out there that does the conversion on a general purpose processor.

philips threatens to use a cd drive that reads RAW without EFM decoding - which would require a software method to decode the data - but no chance of the EFM decoder being unloaded and generating the 0x99 or whatever pattern it is that signifies read errors / no data.