The recording industry's secret weapon exposed

I just posted the article The recording industry’s secret weapon exposed.

kgb used our newssubmit to tell us about software that the IFPI seems to be using to monitor file sharing networks:

The software, known as “Media Tracker” masquerades as a client on any of…

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Okay, so the most this program and others like it might do is cause file trading to go a little further undergound. Good! It forces the idiot users who think Napster is the greatest thing since sliced bread and don’t know bugger all about other ways to file trade will either have to learn or die. I will know to seriously worry when the government agencies start doing heavy monitoring of SneakerNet traffic. :slight_smile:

:9 It ain’t a secret anymore if it’s true … let’s smoke a sigar now :8

Isn’t this illegal? Who gave them permission to view my actions on the Net? Seems like those guys think they are above the law! Thank god for laws on privacy… :+

If this is true can they hold the evidence and then prosecute after a law has been passed… or because they got the info when all this was illegal will it be null and void??? lets all imagine a world of no MP3 or file sharing… Now how many CD’s would you buy? or how many could you afford. I would really like to see a boycott on the music industry over all this stopping us sharing our files. The music industry deserves what they have soming to them… especially after the recent efforts of Hear’Say (Popstars) what a pathetic (admittedly it worked) on getting people to buy music again. But who in thier right mind wants a single CD with a coupla songs on when an album is so much cheaper. I say down with the music companies until they lower prices.