The record industry dislikes new portable music players

I just posted the article The record industry dislikes new portable music players.

savannah used our newssubmit to tell us that Sony and Philips have announced new portable players which the music companies are afraid will increase the piracy.

Sony’s system is based on a…

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From what I remember, Real Audio 8 is Atrac 3 audio as that’s what it says in Real Producer. It sounds good from 96kbps up, but doesn’t seem to sound any better at lower bitrates when compared with MP3Pro or OGG.

I like the quote “The music companies need to change their business model” but an attempt to do so by has resulted in a cost of £1.49 per track. I’m not sure exactly what you get for that money, but it seems very steep. So far, the business models don’t seem appealing. Personally, I’m looking forward to portable MP3 players that can read DVD’s. If the recording industries don’t like it then that’s tough.

“The record industry dislikes new portable music players” Hmmmm Isn’t Sony a music company? Weird.

It is just interesting to know that Sony would make something the music industry dislikes because Sony has a music division themselves. I wonder if the music division of Sony will have an internal fight with the electronics division of Sony? If they do, maybe they will split into two separate companies. Sony was a company about a year ago that fired 290 claiming it was because of piracy. Maybe all of the Sony employees should join the electronics division.

Frankly I take this as a personal slight as should the multitude of music lovers out there. It appears that the presumption of innocence (as argued in another thread) does not apply to music industry spokespeople… Let me make a return statement that is as broad and untrue…everybody who works in or for the music industry are thieves ,wifebeaters and doughnutmakers…:7

lol, they don’t like us doing anything with our music - why not ban minidisc players, mp3 players, casette players, cd players - in fact ban anything that could ever concievably be used to listen to a pirated music track. If the people who bought their music can’t listen to it either then too bad. If the record industry had it their way they would would take 99.9% out of your wages directly before you ever saw it, to pay for your “music use” , whether you actually listen to music or not.

actually just ban headphones and speakers, that shou8ld work nicely…

ban all forms of electricity

The music industry needs a new person at the top, someone with clout, vision, imagination. Someone who’ll really get to the root of it’s problems, someone who’ll root for the consumer and the artist. Any votes for Saddam Hussein? No wait that won’t mean changing anything at the top will it?

portable mp3 players are a good thing as long as the media on them is yours :wink: quote: “I’m looking forward to portable MP3 players that can read DVD’s.” i am also awaiting this player type ferverently or the first 100gb mp3 player. the greatest thing about these players is the ease of use and portability. imagaine lugging around your cd collection. it also lessend the chance of scratching em. :slight_smile: Qutoe: "The launches, from electronics giants Sony and Philips, are being seen as a potential pirates’ charter. " the same could be said for harddisks as well, so i don’t see why they spoke directly of the media storage. right now a balance is still trying to be found between technology and the music business; the music biz is having a hard time keeping up. :8

Of course they dont like them. The technology is newer than 100 years old. How desperate are they getting though blaming portable music players for increased piracy and slumping sales. I think they REALLY need to look at the problem - too high prices. Songs should be around 50c per song NOT $1.50 That makes it cheaper to buy an Album from the shops where they’ve had to pay for the physical cd, the cover, the case, the delivery, the store rental space and the staff in the store. I know they’re desperate to make more money but HOW F*CKING STUPID CAN THEY GET?? If I’m not getting a physical item I’d expect the cost to be a LOT lower. MORONS!!!

The music industry makes money either way, from promos and concerts. Also radio stations. They shouldn’t be bitchin’ instead they should be cutting back their spending :8

I don’t see how these new players really change anything. We already have portable MP3 CD players (even from Sony and Philips). What difference does it make if it supports more formats or a higher capacity? That just means more convenience, not a new way to “pirate”. Personally, I’m waiting for an mp3 enabled automotive DVD changer (better yet, blu-ray). Even a 10-disc mp3 DVD changer could accomodate most of my CD collection (~10 CDs on one mp3 CD * ~7 CDRs on 1 DVD * 10 discs in a changer = ~700 CDs in one changer), and could certainly handle the portion of my CD collection that I’ve listened to in the last 5 years. Or maybe i should just break down and build a portable player with a 100 gig drive, it would probably be as cheap at this point.

dentman42 : you are right. At the peak of my music listening, I had approx 2000 CD’s [yes, all purchased], but then music started sucking, so through wear and tear, they are almost all gone [not even backups GASP!]. Their tech isn’t revolutionary other than the fact that the scale is now larger. But really, who has 700 CD’s sitting around in their player, they wouldn’t get to CD 350 in a week and most would forget what is even there. Song hoarding is stupid anyway. I had a friend that used to do that with software. Stuck shoe boxes full of software in a closet and never even knew it was there when he moved out.

hey Sherrif don’t insult doghnut makers and wifebeaters like that

Sony produces lots of stuff that could be used for piracy, everything from minidisc players to blank cdr’s and dvd’s. It also all has a legitimate use and thats why they sell it.