The real-time Eurovision thread

Well, it’s all happening in Athens, and Hemi’s probably jigging around as we speak.

What do you all think of it so far…?

At the moment there’s the German entry called ‘Texas’, singing a good ol’ C & W song. There we go :p.

My vote’s already cast with the Finnish meat-metal band ‘Lordi’…

The greeks are geeks about their history. Same old everytime, bah! Come up with something new! :stuck_out_tongue:
Also, there are no women above the age of 25 in greece. I know this since I paid close attention to the greeting cards between songs :smiley:

Well, looks like my Finnish boys won!

Air, is that the lead singer on your avatar?

Hyvää Suomi!

Swedish, Finnish, or whatever are not in Babelfish options… :confused:

Your finnish translator sucks, but so do my finnish, so it’s probably why :smiley:
Here’s the exact translation in English

That’ll do!

There’s been a lot of coverage over Lordi here on various radio stations in London. XFM have been going on about it for ages…

Yay lordi :slight_smile: i only just realised airheads avitar im glad finland won

Not much real time about this thread anymore hehe
Click here if you want your own Lordi mask!

I was lucky i think, i was out while it was on TV. :cool:

YESSSS!!! … Hard Rock Halleluja … Finland WINS … YES ! YES!

I thought Airhead would have won this year for sure.

Haha I just realised we’re going to Hell-sinki next year :smiley:

I’m with you Dee, best night of the year to go out !!!
The whole thing is a joke. It doesn’t matter what the song sounds like! The same countries give the same points to their neighbours every year
I’ve seen it other years where the UK commentator (Terry Wogan) accurately ‘predicts’ who will give (for instance) Greece 12 points, and vice versa, who Greece will award their 12 points to.
The funniest part of it is that some countries actually take the whole ‘contest’ seriously :bigsmile:

It’s a moot issue, it’s always been and always will be like that. UK and Ireland, Scandinavia, Balkans (and their constant fear of Russia :p), Greece and Greece #2 (Cyprus). There’s nothing strange about the fact that you have more in common with your next than someone from a different culture.
Finland won with the most points ever and friendly voting had little part in it as they got average to high scores from everybody.

Also, Holland. Please, go about smoking your drugs in coffeeshops. NEVER AGAIN let a lunatic high on crack present your scores. Please.

That is true for the most part when all the music is the same, however the reason Finland won, is because that they were doing death metal. The majority of people who listen to rock / metal turned on and voted for them just because they dont like the other types of music, and the music that was being played was what they are the most familiar with. So I was one of the many who tuned in just to see the commentators reactions when they started playing.

I did find it funny when they got flowers at the end though :smiley:

I thought that was funne … he says when if about to tell the points … "I love your bluse Chichik SMASK " :bigsmile: :bigsmile: … hahaha funny

And then we had this bad joke from Poland … "and 12 points goes to POLAND HAHAHA… athen the says … eeeeh you can`t do that , " man what a crappy joke … :Z

and one of the first country to tell the points giveings had this man with the poster "MARIA MARRY ME ! " … hehehe

And one of more stupide stuff … GERMAN … the man on a horse … so LAME … yeyeye you loved your own song I get that but … still LAME

ehh was there more … don`t know


LORDI , HARD ROCK Hallejujah


so now EVERYONE can see how good they are :stuck_out_tongue: :bigsmile:

The polish guy looked like some news presenter that had been forcefully woken up two minutes before airing

Yeah right :iagree: , I’ve seen the ‘replay’. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cringe. I think cringe is best !!!