The real reason behind the blue laser delays

I just posted the article The real reason behind the blue laser delays.

*April Fools
According to a former industry insider, there is more to the high definition wars and ongoing…

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So in two years DVD will be no more. No more burners, no more media. Every company that makes this stuff will have to close up shop. Interesting

And what about all the money people have already invested in DVD movie libraries? Looks like we are going to start all over again…

If that was true then why did Toshiba quote yesterday that they hope to have 500,000 units sold by the end of next year? That is no where near the millions of dvd set tops out there.

DVD’s phased out entirely in 2008. Wow! Just think of all the money we’ll save as we migrate to new hobbies.

we got em scared all we need to do now is boycott this and we will win no problem just dont buy it and they will shelve it

As I recall reading an article couple of days ago one of the manufactures was only putting out 10,000 units to start. The article went on to explain that the company did not think it was going to sell very well. If you re read the article above it also says there is a chance this whole idea will just collapse. Nobody is happy with it except Hollywood.

Most interesting, given that nearly 70% of the industry total income is derived from sales of existing DVD’s, so how can they be losing so much money to piracy by slamming that door shut in the faces of all consumers! All consumers worldwide, only have a limited and ever declinining income surplus to support such a project! The polite expression for this lunacy is “NUTS” Oh well, time will tell, and real life can be very cruel to all corporate executives who guess wrong in todays market place!:r

we all understand that this is just some guys opinion right? As said before Toshiba has stated publicly they expect to sell only 500,000 units by 2008 that is not enough to take over laser disc. Here is the exact quote from yesterday “Toshiba states they will unload as many as 600,000 to 700,000 around the world by the end of next year!” That is around the world for 6 billion people. that is less then .10% of the population will have hd-dvd devices so what is posted above is bs plain and simple.

The population is more like 6.5 billion, and 700,000 of that is actually 0.01%. In your original guess you should have said 0.01% as well. Like you say, BS.

April Fools?

Yep! :slight_smile: Happy April Fools day!

It wouldnt be CDFreaks April Fools joke without one!

Dammit!!! took me half an our to read and understand as i’m plastered saturdays. Couldnt give a hint in the headline:( :d

Nice, LOL. :d

This is so wrong, a funny site. The april fool will be the companies selling this Shi*.

this wont stop piracy, all that will happen is AACS will get hacked eventually, and in the mean time the traders will sell HDTV sat/cable rips, theres hundreds already floating around, sure ya cant play them an a standalone unit (until burners are available) but they play damn fine off a hard disc and can be archived on to 2/3/4 dvdr’s for now.

Well done.

Oh god ! some of you are drama queens - BKF, I think you are OVERREACTING just a bit - re-read the article CAREFULY - who said ANYTHING about phasing out DVD media, dvd burners, etc… what a pile of crap, there are still people using VHS and by 2008 MANY will still use DVD. What they want to phase out is the DVD as a media for films - in other words if you want to rent or buy a film you will have no choice but to buy a HD-DVD/BluRay player - Those players will still read DVD and blank DVD media and burners will STILL be sold - they cannot just phase out DVD like that - They are phasing out DVD for movies - this is the confusion most people fall into. Honestly, do I give a ******* **** about bluray or HD-DVD ? NO. Anything that infringes on my fair use rights will NEVER get my business - and I am glad to say that my ENTIRE movie collection is LEGIT, and all of my “BACKUPS” are made from ORIGINALS that belong to me - so if the industry wants to prevent me from my rights I say F*CK them I won’t be buying their bloody crap :slight_smile:

Greg42 … this was an APRIL FOOLS! :+ We made it up!!!
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