The Real DRM Stripper

So yea, a friend of mine has been working on these instructions for quite some time now, and it worked for me. It seems to be working for quite a few people, as there are more and more new people coming each day to his site…

What this does is strips the drm heading from the wma or wmv file.

Just to give you a heads up, you need to follow these instructions word for word or this will not work. I made a small mistake, and he came over to help me… I apparently didn’t check a stupid little box which was in the instructions.

Give it a try and give him some feedback… He took a lot of time to figure that out so just tell him if it works or not…

Click on Instructions.

About a week ago I went on this site and saved some instructions on how to get Fairuse4wm to work. It worked, but now when I go back to the site it seems like it’s been shut down (Hopefully the site is just getting maintanence or redone, but I doubt it). Is that true? If so, is it going to be on the web again at a later date. That was a very nice site with all the helpful threads. Its not that often that people do things like that for free. all the best!!!

You must expect us to be mind readers … And that site was …?

I haven´t tried this but

The Site I was referring to is the one in the previous post, which is - Sorry I didnt put it in my post.

Thanks also to deanimator in suggesting the site

I have already been on this site and it is helpful, but the other site I was reffering to ( is the one that seemed like it had a lot more info on fairuse4wm and I am guessing that microsoft knew that too and nore than likely that is why it is gone.
I was hoping that Amped7 was going to respond to the post. Thanks to everyone for the input.