The rarest/most obscure recordable medium

And here with Original Folie.

do you mean this for audio?

Maxell Digital Audio red

These CD-R are from TDK’s “TDK Studio” Range, they are CD-R for professional use. There is actually 3 generations of these “TDK Studio” CD-R models, they range from ultra rare to not too uncommon.

First Generation (basically impossible to get): TDK PRO Professional Studio Master CD-R74 (unknown if a 63 min variant exits), Made in Japan by TDK, released in 199? by TDK USA Corporation, gold reflective layer.

Second Generation (extremely rare): TDK CD-R Studio CD-R74STEC, Made in Japan by TDK, released around late 1996 to early 1997 by TDK RECORDING MEDIA EUROPE. silver reflective layer (unknown if a gold reflective layer variant exist), ATIP is 97m32s00f.

Third Generation (most common one, periodically available on ebay): TDK CD-R Audio Musical Reference PRO CD-RAPRO74EA, Made in Japan by TDK, released in 2001 by TDK RECORDING MEDIA EUROPE, silver reflective layer, ATIP is 97m32s00f. This one also has a japanese variant known as “TDK Theory CD-RTH74N”

also Made in Japan by TDK and which was released 4th November 2003 by TDKマーケティング株式会社, before that the “Pro” line was pretty much mainly available in Europe.

One of the interesting thing about the third generation ones CD-RAPRO74EA/CD-RTH74N, was that these were the last 97m32s00f dark blue CD-R and made in Japan by TDK, when they had already switched by then to phtalocyanine and made in Taiwan for the consumer grade CD-R, basically by going back to 97m32s00f and made in Japan specially for their high end PRO CD-R models when TDK had already switched to 97m32s01f light blue and then to phtalocyanine made in Taiwan for their consumer grade CD-Rs, by doing this they showed an indirect admittance that their dark blue cyanine CD-R made in Japan was the superior one and that everything that came after to replace it was a downgrade.

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These pictures are of the disc I own.

What do you think: when was the CD produced?
HUB RD6A10019174

PS. I hope you are well !!!

Yes, the disc with ALL SPEED 1-6x logo were produced later than 1996.

Regards from Europe.

PS. I hope you are well !!!

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Here 8x + R from Commodore. The spindle is interesting - with a screw cap. The content is MCC003 fakes with moderate quality.

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Can you post the serial and stamper numbers?

Stamper: “DVD+R 8x” and across: “M080502”
Serial (embossed): “M5 DVD-R 2.2 18:43 000981740” or
“M5 DVD-R 2.1 18:44 000981746” or
“M5 DVD-R 1.2 18:47 000981777”

Thanks. Is the country of origin marked? My guess is Malaysia.

No, it is´nt.

Apple DVD-R from 2001
MID: MCC 00RG200

Dysan RW74
ATIP 97m27s00f
LBA 74m45s00f (a note for Ritek as manufacturer?)

Unknown Brand R74 with holografic Label
ATIP 97m31s00f (Ritek)
LBA 74m45s00f
Golden reflection layer
Color of dye is blue (like TDK type 0)