The rarest/most obscure recordable medium

The Emtec could be Optodisc

Not sure about the Verbatim, IIRC it looks very similar to my CMC-Verbatims, but I can´t remember if it was DLP or DL. Blue Dye, but lighter than my 12x Verbatim DLP Super Azo (which is also the better choice)

what is so worth mentioning at K Hypermedia CD-R?

Does anyone know the brand Peacock?
This was burned beetween 1998 and 2000.

I only know the PC-brand, not sure if it the same brand.

I guess this ATIP is generic and it is used by several brands/Manufacturers, like Sky Switzerland

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Yes, i think it’s the pc brand.
The logo and the font looks the same.

Yes, everyone. I’m still alive!!!

Today’s rare media.

Made in Japan by TDK Corporation
Gold reflective layer, cyanine dye
ATIP = 97m 32s 00f

Came across these recently. Never seen any available for purchase in the 20+ years that I’ve been actively collecting media. This is yet another variant of TDK CD-R with gold reflective layer. Shiny non-printable surface.

I saw by ebay,
you still alive …
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If anyone is interested in some rare (or some less rare) CD/DVD media, drop me a message. I have a lot of media to clear and would rather sell to someone who appreciates it.

Do you have any early (2000-2002) DVDR media?

Because 74 min/650 MB CD-Rs are rather rare these days. :wink:

ok. Thank you …

@ all
i have a purchase option of
3x Pioneer RDD-60
1x Pioneer RDD-74A
for 10€ per CD.
Should I buy those?
Or is the price too high?

For collection purpose, I would say the price is OK but for data storage.

It’s the well known Peacock brand. :wink:

The Gigatain are from 2005 or so and known for using fakemedia :wink:

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where and when was this CD produced: PN 3B3355 KP101990-A?
What else is known about the quality of this series?
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:iagree: I remember that even fake Ritek MID DVD-Rs were sold under this brand.

Ritek-fakes? The word is strange :wink:

Made by Infosmart (along with variety of VDSPMSAB, fake TY and MCC, SKC, ANxx, AMLxxx and NO ID MIDs).