The rarest/most obscure recordable medium



I just acquired some Verbatim HD DVD-R DL (30GB) media. Expensive and rrrrrrare, yup.



Hope you have a good writer for it :wink:


Yeah, the 912, the only writer I could get. :wink:


Slim-drive, HD-DVD-drives are really hard to get


802A (HH), SD-L802B, SD-L902A are easily acquireable, even these days.

As long as the drive is reliable, I don’t care about the form factor! :wink:


Hm, don´t find many drives on Ebay

And I think some drives on your list are only HD-DVD-readers


ebay is not everything…

Also, you wrote “HD-DVD-drives” earlier.

The drives I’ve listed are easily to find and to acquire these days.
The only one really available earlier supporting writing to HD DVD-R DL media, is the Toshiba SD-L912A.
HH versions of that were never really in the market.

BTW, probably yesterday someone deleted the HD DVD drives list on wikipedia for unknown reason. Thats bad! PS: What jerks, see yourself:


This “reason” can only be a joke ?!?

BTW, if we discuss about a writable medium I think always about a writer because you can have a hard time to use a blank media with a reader :wink:


Isn’t this one using a gold reflective layer?


I was able to get some more Swisstec and Commax media.


Wow, very nice :slight_smile:


Got another bunch of HD DVD-R from Verbatim, this time 2x rated.


PS: The HD DVD drives list is now back, hopefully it will stay.




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