The rarest/most obscure recordable medium



The color of the dye/dye type, just out of curiosity. From what I can tell all 90 and 99min CD-R that I seen so far all used Phtalocyanine.


It is a standard phtalocyanine (Ciba Super Green dye) CD-R.


I accidentally bought some rather rare media. All TDKs were made in Luxembourg, MediDisc was produced by CMC Magnetics and Maxell DVDs by Ritek (with Ricoh MID code).


I’ve got my last 201S for approx. €50 via eaby. :smiley:
The DVD-RA media appears all the time there…


Sweet stuff.

Would you sell some/few?? :smiley:


To me its obvious that you still don’t know what DVD-RA means.
These Samsung drives cannot deal with DVD-RA media. What you have used is mainstream DVD-R media…


I can at most one or two pieces give up … I only have 25 pieces. and yet @ blackened2687 he asked for them for his Toshiba SD-L912A.


Just fair!
Found some #43601 discs. :wink:
And I have the drive too.


I do know what DVD-R (A) means. Don’t need to convince anyone, but 2 copies Samsung SH-182D do write on DVD-RA media that I bought. No other drive I tried was able to write to that media. Do you want some proof? If yes, tell me which kind of. Have you seen the linked post on


As I remember correctly, I paid for them around $ 5 per unit. I can pay you two costs, plus shipping.
Where to which country is shipping?

You can ask @zenonz … for Maxell HD DVD-R x1 MID: MAXELL HDRS 010
Maybe he can also share with you?


Yeah, HD DVD-R from Maxell would be great! :star_struck:


OK, so far, sorry, have had no time to read all your previous posts…
Could you post the full MID and some pics of the disc cover front&back??

Overall, looks promising, will try to reproduce it here with my own drives & media.
Which firmwares come the 182D drives with?

PS: Probably the name of the media is misleading here…
Check this:


Real photos:



The first copy which is not able to burn successfully standard media is with SB07. The second one that seems healthy on regular media is with SB03. I can actually update it to SB07 and see if results change at all.

Yes, “G” is missing in authoring version:
MCC 00RG200 - general
MCC 00R 200 - authoring


…yeah, that’s why I was confused by this info.

" Burnt with MSI DR12-A at 2x using firmware 120D ."

It also mentions “…for Authoring” in the info. :wink:


Accesstek/Optrorite are also very rare writers


These days…yes. But they are also DVD-R* burners for general media. :wink:
Didn’t they have also QSI components?!


Unknown Brand DVD-R (A) Glossy Printable
MID: MCC 00R 190

Optiarc 5240 recognizes DVD-R (A) media, reports 3,3x write speed, but does´nt really write.


Dunno, the opnly writers I ad were MSI CR52M and CR52-A2


Yeah, that’s the usual behaviour of drives that cannot deal with DVD-R(A) media, AFAIK.

Nice discs!


Most DVD writers do not even recognize the MID of DVD-R (A) media.
Optiarc 5240 is already an exception.