The rarest/most obscure recordable medium



Glamorous blue.


I put the CD-R on the scanner, which distorts the colors a bit.
Real, this blue is about the same as TDK or Leaddata type 0.


This came up in my eBay notifications:-


74min and 700MB? Shouldn’t it be 650MB? Does 74min/700MB exist?


74min/700mb. That’s how Philips marketed earlier CD-R media.


Fujifilm CD-R74 6X
Made in Japan by FUJI Photo Film Co., ltd.
ATIP = 97m 26s 40f
Silver reflective layer, cyanine dye
Serial Number: FPF01C 03 74 MIN
HUB Number: FFB74-49L3088C1

I don’t think that these have been covered here and when I bought them I thought that based on what I read here that buying Fujifilm CD-R 74 Made in Japan made for the American market I would either get Taiyo Yuden or TDK discs, nothing out of the ordinary really. But nope! I got lucky and got Fujifilm CD-Rs actually made by Fujifilm. From the looks of it the Made in Japan Fujifilm CD-Rs made by Fujilm are quite uncommon, especially when it comes to the ones made for the non-japanese market.


And those are very rare now:


EMTEC: You can see “Made in India” (by MBI). Thus, the content has these ATIPs:
97m27s00f or 97m28s26f (4M) or 97m27s19f (plasmon) and each has phthalocyanine dye.
The Quality is relatively stable good.
Or it’s real CD-R 80 with ATIP 97m17s06f. This has already happened at EMTEC.

Hispace: ATIP 97m00s06f. Made by MPO.
Phthalocyanine dye.

Samsung / BeAll: Rare to see in Europe.
I have this DVD + R from BeAll. The quality is moderate to bad, not really suitable for high speeds.
Burned @ Optiarc 5240S @ 8x / 6x / 12x / 16x. Not much better at other writers.


BeAll is very exotic, indeed


SKC +R 4x (made in Korea)
MID: BeAll000 P40

Burned @ BenQ 1620, @4x@8x (@ strategy BeAll000 P80), 8x with lower PIE and jitter.


How is the quality to be evaluated?
At what price is it worth buying these CD-Rs?
TEAC Silvergold 8x
Ricoh CD-R Type 74 Made in USA


Because most of my Mitsui have very high BLER and C2 error rates I would say I wouldn´t pay for it


And Ricoh CD-R Type 74?


Mitsui’s early years were always very good with me - with one exception: those of Boeder, there was probably a scrap batch purchased.


My 8x Golden Dye and 12x Photo



Multidisc 4x DVD-R (MID: PRINCO)


Multidisc 790 MB/90 min CD-R (ATIP: ATIP: 97m00s06f, made in Czech Republic by Eximpo a.s.)


Could you show the recording surface, please?


Actually there is nothing unusual to see. :flower: