The rarest/most obscure recordable medium



Packard Bell DVDRs, most likely produced by some small European producer or by Optodisc (the very first MIDs they ever produced).


I think I just bought something really awesome…


Really awesome, terminal velocity!



Should be made by CMC Magnetics, probably with Philips MIDs.



DVD+RW ×24!?
Is that a standard speed for DVD+RW?


You mean DVD+RW 2,4x?


Whoops, I did not see the dot.


I have same discs made in Singapore but dated 2003 on the packaging. I don’t have the proper drive to record those discs, but I happened to discover that my semi-dead copy of Samsung SH-182D was able to burn that disc! (even though it fails on any other general purpose DVD-R or DVD+R media I tried). The reported MID is MCC 00R 200, but I can’t tell if it’s correctly read by the drive.

HERE you can find some screenshots and scans after burn, if anyone is interested more I can translate that post into English here.


How did you persuade the SH-182D to write on DVD-R (A)?
Is it patched or have the laser parameters changed by age?
My Optiarc 5240 recognizes DVD-R (A), offers 3.3x Speed on MCC 00R 190, but does not really write.
I gave up my Pioneer S201 because I no longer have a SCSI system.


I bought it at flea market and it’s condition was bad from the beginning (struggling to read MCC 004 discs which I found to be a common “failure” of that model). Most likely the DVD laser is off-spec but I have no possibility to confirm that until I find another copy of that model. Unfortunately there’s not much that I can try to tune, 2x is the only available speed. Maybe burn with ImgBurn with OPC on could make some difference.
The other TSST unit recognizing the media as recordable is TS-LB23D, but I just tried to write a disc without success (Nero CD-DVD Speed is not detecting any speeds, after more that 2 minutes I get an error).


Do you mean DVD-AR? (rare specialized type for DVD-Audio).


My Samsung laptop from 2012 also has the TS-LB23D.
It has excellent error correction.

What laptop do you have, which has the TS-LB23D?


Is it the fault of the media or the drive?


No, he meant DVD-R (Authoring) used for professional mastering of video as contrary to DVD-R (General Purpose).

I bought TS-LB23D as a spare part and replaced an original DVD-RW drive.

Media is incompatible with regular writers. There were only 2 Pioneer drives designed to record DVD-R Authoring, so it’s neither media nor drive fault.


I see.
How is it different? And doesn’t +R do the same job?

It should be readable after write on all drives. But do not wrote if it is rare.



DVD-R for Authoring uses a different wavelength than DVD-R for General. The two formats are supposed to be completely incompatible from a writing perspective.


Was there an RW-A too?

And can’t normal lenses adjust to 635nm? Are 15nm that significant?