The rarest/most obscure recordable medium




Yes, it was burned just once.
Yes, it was detected as blank.
After other users reported similar results, I did not feel like further use of this CD-RW.


for example?


I have none at home, sorry.


Was it readable directly after burn?

If you do not mind, can you try re-burning it and error-scanning?

I would be interested.


The CD-RW is no longer recognized in most drives.
In the few others, formatting stops after a few seconds.
If you hold the writing side against the light, you can see that obviously parts of the dye have disappeared.


Does that mean opacity loss/transparency?


Yes, in places the coating of the label side seems through.


Is Mitsubishi Chemical Corp. / Verbatim produced some CD-R media in Europe?


EU = ireland.


If the country of origin labelling is correct, these CD-Rs were most likely made by MC Infonics Ireland Limited or Europa Magnetics (Cramlington, UK).



8×-10× and 4×-10× CD-RW is strange.



This price for 5 discs, dunno if someone buy em


EMTEC CD-R Digital Photo 24 Carat (made by MPO France)

EMTEC CD-R Master “Ceramic Plated” (most likely Taiyo Yuden)

Philips DVD+R (probably Ricoh MID)


I have a lot of interesting DVD +/- R to sell, including some good Ricoh R01, labeled as Imation, still sealed.
This burned with BenQ DW1640 @ 8x, strategy Ricoh R02.
Overburnable by about 200MB.


Well, €3 is not much.
I would purchase them, but I am only 16 years old.

Nevermind, what is the Pioneer DVD-R MID code?



Thank you for the information

TDK CD-R x48 Printable


Looks beautiful.