The rarest/most obscure recordable medium



Mitsumi CD-RW 74 (made in Japan)
ATIP 97m27s00f (unknown)
LBA 74m12s00f
Stamper-SN W0601440409D (Ricoh)

Plextor CD-RW 74 (made in ?)
ATIP 97m26s65f (CMC)
LBA 74m12s00f
(no Stamper-SN visible)

Plextor CD-R 74 (made in ?)
ATIP 97m27s66f (Ricoh)
LBA 74m12s00f
Stamper-SN R1125420101D (Ricoh)

Interesting are the similarities of this at first glance different CD-R.
LBA at all 74m12s00f (seen only at Ricoh), similar laser text.


Princo DVD+R - exceptionally rare media (in fact, never seen before). Hopefully it’s legit and not a mistake on seller’s part.


Where do you see there “Princo”?


Items specific


Also never seen Princo +R

BTW, do Princo have a factory in China?


No, Princo does not have any plants in China. That just adds to my suspicion that the eBay description is inaccurate.


Yep, think the same.

Princo write only abour DVD-R/RW (DL) and CD-R(W)


I asked them whether they had ever produced any DVD+R media and this is their reply:

Hi Peter
We producted DVD-R only.
Thanks you and best regards


It is nice to know that they are still active though. There were some unconfirmed indications that they had been producing DVD+R media for Latin America markets but I have never seen any proof.


So they are still active?

I miss the word “produce” instead of “produced” or whatever “producted” mean :wink:

The last “News” at Princo Webpage is from 2013 :\

Here´s a warning from Princo:

We hereby announced that we don’t have authorised any factory in China, Iran or Taiwan to product or print PRINCO discs. If the goods you bought came from China, Iran or other Taiwanese factory, it’s 100% fake goods.

If you bought & sale this kinds goods, PRINCO will not promise any quality guarantee for you and we’ll take legal action with who made or sale fake goods !!

I thought Princo have a factory in Taiwan?


Yep, I received their reply just this morning.

Their factory is located in Taiwan and they have no factories in any other countries (AFAIK):



Maybe fakes of whatever ^^


Two possibilities:

  • “Made in Switzerland” - Plasmon or Interaxia MID code (rare and hard to get these days)
  • “Made in Taiwan” - high quality 2004-2006 era Optodisc DVDs


These are DVDRWs with either Infodisc or Optodisc MID codes.
Any Sky/Swisstec/Eternity (all were brands of SkyMedia Manufacturing S.A.) branded media are extremely rare now.


Long time ago I had Sky CD-R with 97m27s00f, but later Sky were very rarae.

And I remember that the Sky brand also used Fake-MCCs


They used (in limited amounts) also CMC Magnetics and MBIL media and early in 2002 also Vivastar AG DVDRs (only several thousands pieces bought shortly after Vivastar AG went bankrupt).
There were also different and independent “Sky” brand.



At Sky CD-R i had:

  • 97m27s00f (with the special Stampercode “SKY MEDIA MANUFACTURING”)
  • Plasmon
  • CMC
  • Ritek
  • MBI

At Swisstec:

  • Plasmon
  • Mitsui (fakes)

Not very interesting.


Were they made by SkyMedia, CSI/MAM-E or some Asian producer?
Did you have any Sky/Swisstec/Eternity/ARO DVDRs?


I also had Mitsui fakes of the last generation (Type 8) from Gigatain, Emtec, FUJI, Nashua and Otto Office. Stampercode at Gigatain was “CDR 80-020KG”.
The quality was relatively good, sometimes better than MAM-E … CSI.
They came partly from China, partly from Macao.

The Stamper code of Swisstec is a bit different: "CD-R 80 U3S272"
MAM-E … CSI should not be that.

I had Sky and Aro-DVD +/- R 4x … 8x from Optodisc.
I do not think Sky ever produced DVD-R itself.
Aro was the house brand of Metro.

First 3 Scans are from Gigatain, the last from Swisstec (1,1 Gigarec @ PX-755).


They actually did produce DVDRs in their Yvonand (Switzerland) factory in the period of 2003-2004 and used several different MIDs (SKYMEDIA R01/R03, VDSPMSAB 001, Plasmon1 c01, etc.). They were the second biggest DVDR producer in Europe, after OMP S.A. Greece, until they ceased the DVDR production in late 2004.
Some pictures from their factory:

Plasmon DVD+R
Plasmon DVD+R
Plasmon DVD+R
Plasmon DVD+R
Plasmon DVD+R
Plasmon DVD+R
Plasmon DVD+R
Plasmon DVD+R
Plasmon DVD+R
Plasmon DVD+R
Plasmon DVD+R
Plasmon DVD+R
Plasmon DVD+R
Plasmon DVD+R
Plasmon DVD+R