The rarest/most obscure recordable medium



I have come across what were known as “Diamond” CD-Rs in the past. These have phthalocyanine dye, but appear almost completely silver on the recording side. It is still easy enough to distinguish the label and recording sides though, as the appearance of each side is completely different.


Anyone willing to buy and test these 24x Princo DVD-Rs? :givesmile:


^ Sure, why not. :biggrin: I just ordered some.


Do drives actually follow 24×?
My TSST S182 only allows ×18 overspeeding on Verbatim MCC, nothing else.


To expensive for me because of shipping-costs to Germany

I´m sure you wont find a DVD-writer which support em on 24x-speed. The compatibility-list is very old

And my experience is, newer 22x and 24x-writer (except Pioneer) support >16x only on TY and MCC


That’s great, I am looking forward to test results.

The rated speed is a marketing nonsense. More interesting is the fact that those are the only 1 mm thin DVDR media ever produced.


Some interesting ebay sales:


DataTrack R90 made in Görlitz, Germany.
ATIP 97m27s19f (Plasmon)


Thanks. Do you have any DataTrack DVDRs or 74 min CD-Rs?

10 pcs of Princo 16X DVD-Rs (for anyone who wants to sample the famous Princo quality):


DataTrack DVD-R - no.
DT produced only a few - before releasing writable media.

CD-R74: The rarest/most obscure recordable medium
and here Pioneer DVR-212 @32x / Optiarc 5240 @24x:


1mm thin? That’s dangerous at ×24.
Even 1.2mm @×24 is only fine for high quality discs.


There is also something called EcoDisc.


Apple DVD-R?
There was also Disney DVD-R.

Did Apple ever produce DVDs?


An Ecodisc is a thinner version of pressed DVD. I am not aware of any other recordable DVDRs with non standard thickness other than Princo Slim DVD-Rs (although some Moser Baer DVDRs were slightly thinner than 1,2 mm).

No - the Apple branded media were produced by Japanese companies (Maxell, MKM, Pioneer).


Isn´t that cehapest crap-media, fakes or something?


Those that I bought had either King Disc Technology Corp’s own MID code or fake TY MID and their quality was decent. I did not buy too many of them in 2007 (they were rather expensive).


That was long time ago, dunno what now used by Platinet


These are exactly the same like those I bought 10 years ago. MIDs should be the same too.


Hui, can´t believe that 11 years later the same exotic media is still on the sale


Some rare (colour MPO and archive grade FTI CD-Rs) are available here: