The rarest/most obscure recordable medium

Kodak Gold Ultima CD-R 650MB
Kodak ATIP\MID:97m27s45f

More than 20 years ago recorded Philips CD-R 650MB Professional
Taiyo Yuden MID \ ATIP: 97m24s00f

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From the times CD-R media costs a lot of money :wink:

DataTrack HQ Grade 99min CD-R
Made In Germany

iHBS112 @16x (only available speed)

iHAS624 @16x (only available speed)

98% wow never seen this on any kind of Plamon id cd.

All my “black dye” 700MB Plasmon from Mediarange discs or 90 Min Mediarange CD-rs have only 77% up to 89% when scanned in Liteon Based drives.

Yes they seem to be good and work in my 90s CD Player.

With Mediarange 100min I only have bad experiences (96m40s05f)

Looks OK, maybe other Dye with not sp good reflection?

Too much C1

If you look at other CDs scanned in LiteOn drives, they have average C1 of 0.1 to 0.5

This one has 15
For modern drives ok, but old CD players have problems with it.
I will scan the MediaRange in the BenQ later and add it to compare.

And so much E12 …

Verbatim BD-RE DL 50GB 2X with Branded Surface - 1pk Jewel Case 97536 Either MIJ or Made in Taiwan Does anyone know where to find these in a 5pack for a decent price

More than 20 years ago recorded Mitsumi Gold CD-R 650MB
ATIP: 97m27s55f \ Mitsumi

Could you make an advanced scan with the 1640 and CDSpeed?

My Mitsui all have a high BLER, CDSPeed rate the errors better than me :wink:

Intenso Black Edition 80min CD-R 24x
97m32s19f / Prodisc

Back in the days a popular media to make backups of PS1 games

Pioneer BDR-209EBK @24x

Very suitable for audio, too! Nice jitter

Fujifilm DVD-R 4x

Pioneer BDR-209EBK @4x

I used ProdiscS03 also from Datawrite. After 13 years still in good conditions.

Hi czary2mary1,
the last posted picture ( Post 1156)
"Maxell CD-R 650MB\74min Printable Super Master Quality"
what is the relationship to the Maxell blanks?


Do I understand that it is about you how to ship such quantity from Japan?

Sony CD-R 700MB 5Colors x1-48 \ ATIP: Ritek \97m15s17f

Sony CD-R AUDIO Music 5 Colors Printable \ ATIP: Sony 97m24s15f

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Mitsubishi CD-RW 700MB x1-4

Maxell CD-R Audio Music Printable