The rarest/most obscure recordable medium

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Sorry for the lack of “action” over the past months. Many things have changed in my life and I needed to focus on making the best of my new circumstances, as well as on my mental health.

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Here 8x + R from Commodore. The spindle is interesting - with a screw cap. The content is MCC003 fakes with moderate quality.

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Can you post the serial and stamper numbers?

Stamper: “DVD+R 8x” and across: “M080502”
Serial (embossed): “M5 DVD-R 2.2 18:43 000981740” or
“M5 DVD-R 2.1 18:44 000981746” or
“M5 DVD-R 1.2 18:47 000981777”

Thanks. Is the country of origin marked? My guess is Malaysia.

No, it is´nt.

Apple DVD-R from 2001
MID: MCC 00RG200

Dysan RW74
ATIP 97m27s00f
LBA 74m45s00f (a note for Ritek as manufacturer?)

Unknown Brand R74 with holografic Label
ATIP 97m31s00f (Ritek)
LBA 74m45s00f
Golden reflection layer
Color of dye is blue (like TDK type 0)

Unknown Brand R74 with satin printable Surface
ATIP 97m27s00f (maybe 4M as manufacturer ?)
LBA 74m30s00f
Dye light green - Phtalocyanine
Stamper-SN “4114”

Maxell RW74 made in EU
ATIP 97m26s65f (CMC)
LBA 74m31s00f
I´ve got many CD-R, but this is the only one with this LBA

Generic R74 Printable made in Ireland
ATIP 97m34s20f (MCC)

apart from the missing print and packaging identical to Verbatim R74 type 0

placed in a white tray for better visibility of the S/N

ATIP 97m27s10f (but Plasmon isn´t the real manufacturer)
LBA 74m41s00f

Stamper S/N: RWD744-00245 (shows Ritek as real manufacturer)

A very weird and bizarre design. :dizzy_face:

4M (or Plasmon) probably supplied stampers with a generic ATIP code. The medium itself was made by some small European or Asian producer.

Wow, so special cdr, I saw one of this kind of design in the past only.