The rarest/most obscure recordable medium

This one

Weird media for today:

Does anyone know anything about this media?

This MID code was rarely seen outside of Japan. It was used by Unifino Inc., a small Japanese manufacturer.
It’s very surprising to see a Multidisc medium with this MID code. BTW, are you from Czech republic?

No, i’m from Romania.

When did you buy it? My guess is 2003. Could you test it with PlexTools?

Actually i bought them 2 days ago. I guess they were very old stock. Which test are you exactly interested in?

A disc quality scan in Plextools would be great.
How many discs did you get?

  1. I have burnt 2. One on the Plextor 760 at 2x (only supported speed) and one on a Liteon Ihas 624 A at 4x (only supported speed). The Plextor burn had doubtful quality (copying did not went very smooth - i did not do a quality scan) and i threw the disc away. The other one with the Liteon went fine, but i idn’t scan it yet. I will perform the scan on this disc.

Is this what you are interested in?

Does anyone know of a CD like this?
What is this brand?
650MB 74 min
red Frontcover

It is a:
Dixons CD-R74 Gold Multispeed

Maybe same disk that I bought today?

Dixonsimage image image

Is that very rare?
Is she valuable?
Kind Regards

No idea, I don’t have it.

A seller claims the ATIP 97m46s00f
belongs to Taiyo Yuden !?
The CD is a Imation CD-R 550MB/63min (from this Photo)
Can that be right?

@terminalvelocd and

What do you think?
Can you answer the question?

I believe it is.

97m46s0xf belongs to TY, that’s right.
Imation often labeled TY at the beginning.