The rarest/most obscure recordable medium

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Is that very rare?
Is she valuable?
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No idea, I don’t have it.

A seller claims the ATIP 97m46s00f
belongs to Taiyo Yuden !?
The CD is a Imation CD-R 550MB/63min (from this Photo)
Can that be right?

@terminalvelocd and

What do you think?
Can you answer the question?

I believe it is.

97m46s0xf belongs to TY, that’s right.
Imation often labeled TY at the beginning.

CompUSA R80 16x / 24x

A friend brought these from USA. May be that they are not rare there, in Europe already.
Both are Leaddata type 1, the color of dye is light blue like at TY. But the quality is modest at the 24x type, poor at the 16x type, typical for many early Leaddata.
Another fact is remarkable.
My Pioneer DVR-212 reports 32x speed at the 24x type, but nothing at the 16x type. Accordingly, he allows max. 10x speed.
Where does he generate this info from? An OPC was not yet running there.
Used stampers are different, but ATIP parameters are identical.
My Plextor Premium 2, however, sees no difference, reports on both types 24x speed.

Imation HD DVD-R 1x, Made in U.S.A., my Toshiba HD DVD-ROM can’t read the MID,
hub codes: 7256-5797-2677 + 7260-5798-1215, stamper code HD DVD 2734

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Imation BD-RE 2x, Made in U.S.A., IMATN-E_2-001,
hub code 7116-5629-0486, stamper code 002871 MADE IN USA BY IMATION


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I see on an auction something called DAN CD-R, 650 MB, 12x, can it be true that discs were produced in Denmark? Packaging doesn’t seem to look so convincing, like for a real manufacturer.


Is this still an accurate rare media? I have one and trying to determine if it is worth anything.

Hi jrich2,
Which one?

TDK CD-R74SAMPJWL “Certified Plus” Blank CD-R Evaulation Disc
Made in Japan by TDK Corporation
ATIP = 97m 32s 00f
Gold reflective layer, cyanine dye

It was originally posted Dec 2017 by terminalvelocd as ultra rare media.


yes, I think it is a rare CD-R. :smiley:

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These CD’s were very expensive back in the day. I have one today (as of 8th March 2020) unopened and two I have opened and have recorded Luther Vandross songs on. The quality of the recordings are second to none. Over the years I tried out many CD’s, found the Maxell CD-R74MU’s Audio CD’s were also good and I tried out Pioneers too. All I found were great in the Hi-Fi set up. Though the TDK’s replication was second to none.
In the PC CD Writers, I’ve used to rare Sony ones mentioned on here by Taiyo Yuden, still have a good few left, Maxell’s I loved, tried to Kodak’s, I found here the TDK’s in the computer side of things were poor top end and very heavy, in some cases too heavy on the bass, did not give a nice balanced recording.

Here is a pic of the front case of one of my used “TDK CD-R Audio PRO CD-RAPRO74EA”, as these come in a specially designed jewel case just for these TDK CD’s.

And here with Original Folie.

do you mean this for audio?