The rarest/most obscure recordable medium

I’ve used such media with Yamaha, Ricoh, Matsushita and Philips (HP) burners.
Yamaha made the best results, IMHO.

Neither. It’s a Ritek disc.

This means that neither drive has a dedicated write strategy for this media. This is generally bad as the write quality will depend on what the generic strategy is like on these drives.

I know, but which is the Memorex you pictured more similar to?

The ones I have are Samsung branded.

TDK and Maxell CD-Rs with cyanine dye look very similar to me.

Maxell top and TDK bottom

Today’s rare media.

HP C4432A CD-Recordable 650MB/74min
Made in USA by Mitsui Advanced Media, Inc.
ATIP = 97m 27s 55f
Gold reflective layer, phthalocyanine dye

Another variant of late-90s HP CD-R media. Of course, the best old-school Mitsui with gold reflective layer is contained within!

I have from this Serie CD-Rs from 1997.

Yes, I have the 1997 version too.

Today’s rare media.

Memorex CD-R74
Made in Taiwan by Ritek Corporation
ATIP = 97m 31s 00f
Gold reflective layer, cyanine dye

The last CD-R from MCC Ireland?
Interesting: in all countrys warranty is lifetime - except Germany.


  • ATIP 97m27s45f
  • Made in Ireland by Kodak
  • Golden Reflection Layer

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Nice cover :slight_smile:

I just wonder how such a cover came to be. It certainly wouldn’t make me want to buy it, that is for certain. It just doesn’t instil confidence. :laughing:

In the 1990s, it seemed that almost anything was acceptable as far as blank media covers were concerned… :wink:

“That´s” was TY’s own brand on the home market (JPN / HK / KOR).
ATIP 97m24s01f
Silver Reflection Layer

I bought about 30 pcs of Teac 650 MB CD-Rs (made in France by Mitsui Advanced Media in 2000, ATIP: 97m27s56f).

I remember I had some Teac-labeled CD-Rs in the early 2000s but never saw standalone-media in the shops

TEAC CD-Rs were only a few in retail market.
The 52x come to me in a accessory pack of a writer.
The 40x probably originally too, I bought them in a left-over market.
Atip of both: 97m27s58f
The quality is only mediocre - MAM-E of the last days well.

I think I have same CD-Rs labeled as MAM CD-R 700 Golden Dye

Quality was OK with a fitting CD-writer and much better than with old Mitsui Golden Dye 8x and Photo 12x which had extreme BLER-errors