The rarest/most obscure recordable medium

I saw by ebay,
you still alive …
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If anyone is interested in some rare (or some less rare) CD/DVD media, drop me a message. I have a lot of media to clear and would rather sell to someone who appreciates it.

Do you have any early (2000-2002) DVDR media?

Because 74 min/650 MB CD-Rs are rather rare these days. :wink:

ok. Thank you …

@ all
i have a purchase option of
3x Pioneer RDD-60
1x Pioneer RDD-74A
for 10€ per CD.
Should I buy those?
Or is the price too high?

For collection purpose, I would say the price is OK but for data storage.

It’s the well known Peacock brand. :wink:

The Gigatain are from 2005 or so and known for using fakemedia :wink:

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where and when was this CD produced: PN 3B3355 KP101990-A?
What else is known about the quality of this series?
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:iagree: I remember that even fake Ritek MID DVD-Rs were sold under this brand.

Ritek-fakes? The word is strange :wink:

Made by Infosmart (along with variety of VDSPMSAB, fake TY and MCC, SKC, ANxx, AMLxxx and NO ID MIDs).

Ah, very long time ago I had Hyundai-media wiith Infosmart and SKC-code

Today’s rare media.

CMC Magnetics Gold/Green CD-R74
Made in Taiwan by CMC Magnetics Corporation
ATIP = 97m 26s 60f
Gold reflective layer, cyanine dye

For my friends in the US, go get 'em!

Is it using Cyanine?

This PN 3B3355 came with a box not a individual cd case, so all CD-Rs were not sealed.

The mfg date would be around 1994-1996.


My record says it is cyanine but I don’t open mine, so no confirmation.

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So Mitsubishi did manufacture Cyanine CD-R before switching to AZO in 1995? And out of curiosity might you have the ATIP of it?