The rarest/most obscure recordable medium

Ritek-fakes? The word is strange :wink:

Made by Infosmart (along with variety of VDSPMSAB, fake TY and MCC, SKC, ANxx, AMLxxx and NO ID MIDs).

Ah, very long time ago I had Hyundai-media wiith Infosmart and SKC-code

Today’s rare media.

CMC Magnetics Gold/Green CD-R74
Made in Taiwan by CMC Magnetics Corporation
ATIP = 97m 26s 60f
Gold reflective layer, cyanine dye

For my friends in the US, go get 'em!

Is it using Cyanine?

This PN 3B3355 came with a box not a individual cd case, so all CD-Rs were not sealed.

The mfg date would be around 1994-1996.


My record says it is cyanine but I don’t open mine, so no confirmation.

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So Mitsubishi did manufacture Cyanine CD-R before switching to AZO in 1995? And out of curiosity might you have the ATIP of it?

Anyone knows which manufacturer made it and which ATIP?

SONY16D1, made in Austria by Sony DADC Salzburg.

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I need some advice please on testing this media. It’s Sony branded Taiyo Yuden, manufactured in 1997. MID is 97m24s00f, and as mentioned before in this thread, it’s the rare green on gold dye.

I’ve put it in the Plextors and the Lite-ON CDRWs, the Plextors always show the max speed of the burner as being available, and the Lite-ON shows up to 16x. So I’m not satisfied that either drive has a good write strategy for these discs. Seeing as how I only have three of these, I can’t afford to waste to on what would probably be very poorly written discs (or outright coasters).

Would an old Ricoh or Yamaha drive fare better with these?

Some of these old ATIP can’t even be identified, especially the most obscure gold/green ones from <1997, it would for example show something like “MID: 97m24s00f (Unknown)” while it instead should be showing “MID: 97m24s00f (Taiyo Yuden Co.)” and of course it would show a very low write speed despite the fact that the drive normally shows a much higher speed, it’s possible that a Yamaha drive could provide better result, but I never tried due to the value and rarity of these green on gold discs.

Drive for this is required :wink:

I picked up five pieces of the type you posted in your last picture (Not memorex branded though). I’m not sure if the CD depicted in the last picture is what you were referring to as a TDK/Maxell silver/cyanine or the Taiyo Yuden silver/cyanine.

Mine have a hub code of 17E810278059B22 which translates to a manufacturing date of October 27th, 1998. The MID is 97m31s00f.

Again, like in my last post, I am most hesitant to experiment with this media. I only have five pieces and this stuff is rare. I have very little to zero points of reference when it comes to what to expect so I’m not sure on what to try to burn it on. My Optiarc detects it as having a max speed of 24x, and the TSST drive says 48x.

Hopefully more pictures and info to follow.

I’ve used such media with Yamaha, Ricoh, Matsushita and Philips (HP) burners.
Yamaha made the best results, IMHO.

Neither. It’s a Ritek disc.

This means that neither drive has a dedicated write strategy for this media. This is generally bad as the write quality will depend on what the generic strategy is like on these drives.

I know, but which is the Memorex you pictured more similar to?

The ones I have are Samsung branded.

TDK and Maxell CD-Rs with cyanine dye look very similar to me.

Maxell top and TDK bottom